Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I have read so much about this and that amount of money being spent for shit that I am sick of it. The political system of this country uses our tax money to reward friends and punish it's enemies. And the people be damned!

I read of veterans who come home from war all messed up and crazy and what not and then I read about how they can't get treatment. The government fights them tooth and nail. Look at the agent orange debacle we had with our Viet Nam vets. Agent orange was a deadly poison used to defoliate the jungle so our planes could see who to bomb and shoot. They sprayed our troops with it and marched our troops through areas of high concentration. And they have argued for years that it never did any of our troops any harm. They have argued that there is no proof. They have done everything but take care of our guys. The same bullshit is going on with depleted uranium in the Middle East. The dust from it is extremely hazardous. Birth defects are rampant in Iraqi new born. But this country and it's government will not admit to a damn thing being wrong with what they do. so there is no way to sue the bastards. But men are still coming home screwed up and babies are still being deformed in the womb and Uncle Sam won't do anything about it. Says it doesn't exist.

(And I just called our video store and it doesn't have the first year of Jericho to rent. Must be good stuff!)

I could go on and on about the things that the fedgov has failed to accomplish with OUR money. But they have not failed to award contracts to Haliburton for constructing detention camps! What a bunch of crap! What a travesty it is to know that the fedgov has not done a damn thing about New Orleans and its recovery from Katrina. But look how fast we responded to the light of the people of Myanmar when they got a Typhoon crammed you know where. We were Johnny-on-the-spot to get into that country. Quick as lightning. And the government refused to let us in. Good for them, I say. They just didn't have any trust of a bunch of military people running around their little game over there. Not that the government of Myanmar wins any prizes for humanitarian treatment of it's people, but at least they haven't fallen victim to the Washington pay-off boys.

And pay-off is the name of the game. You give some dictator a FOREIGN AID check for $500,000,000 and he immediately signs over a $100,000,000 to a company in Switzerland who then sends it to a company in the Bahamas who then transfers is to a company in Paraguay or Uruguay, where it sits until it's master decides what he wants to do with it. The Foreign Aid is not audited so there is no record of what the recipient did with the money. Some of those African strongmen have retired to Europe with billions of dollars in their personal accounts. Not a bad gig when Uncle Sugar is paying for all of it. And letting his war casualties suffer and his national infrastructure deteriorate and so on and so forth, just because he doesn't have the money to pay for those troublesome things. That is why I am so mad that any sonovabitch will say that I am accepting fedgov welfare when I take Social Security. Can I help it if the lying, cheating bastards took the pension money and put it in the general fund to make their budget look good! I put in 6% of my pay for that pension and my employer put in matching funds, and that should be sufficient unto the day of retirement.

I was reading yesterday about the lack of savings in this country. It says us citizens used to save 8% of our money but we don't any more. If they would leave the Social Security alone we would have at least 6% savings! But Clinton used the pension money to be able to say he had a balanced budget. Bush don't give a damn. He just prints up more currency by the trillions. What a fucking circus!

But the politicians are doing just fine. The road bridges may be falling apart, the levees may be busting up, the veterans may be dying from lack of treatment, the old age pensioners may be threatened with no money coming, but our politicians are not going to miss one meal. Hell no they ain't!

There isn't but about 10% of the federal budget that ain't already spent. All that money has a place to go. Some of it even goes to help the citizens! So the administration gets about 10% to play with and go forth into the world to make a big stir. And that is their thing. They want to cause a big stir. They want to give away a few billion in foreign aid. (Wonder why?) They want to award non-biddable contracts to certain firms. (Wonder why?) They want large public works programs awarded for things we people will never get to play with, like detention centers. (Wonder why?)

I have long cursed and ranted about the order in which things are legislated. The crap and the bullshit is always first to get their money. After all the thievery has taken place then they get down to the brass tacks of what it takes to keep the country going. The queers and the bleeding hearts get their money first, though I did like that picture of the crucifixion cross sticking up out of the toilet. The cross, the torture and killing ground for maybe the most spiritually enlightened man to walk the earth, the man called the First Begotten of God, needs to be placed in urinals so that all men can show their contempt of such a device. But after the bullshit money has been paid out then they get to the real business. And generally there is not enough money left over and a shortfall is declared and taxes are raised or more money printed and life goes on as usual. Suck it up, America.

I got my copy of The Backwoodsman today and I have some reading to do. I really like that magazine. My stimulus check finally came and the Handmaiden is off to get my cash. So now I can read my magazine in piece and not be bothered by some pesky female who is always trying to sneak my reading material. It's a plot, I tell ya'.

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Degringolade said...

I agree with you that there is nothing wrong with taking your social security check, but, I sure am not planning to see one. The guv'mint is broke, and they have already handed out the money to any number of really bad ideas.

But, such is life. The good part is that a insolvent government is usually pretty powerless. Mercenaries work for hard cash, not paper promises. I don't think that the government has any hard cash left.


Anonymous said...


I SO hear you on "Backwoodsman" - everything stops when that thing shows up in the mailbox - I have like 10 years of back issues and I am stunned regularly at the good stuff therein - Definitely worth re-reading time and again.

gott_cha said...

Michael the crazy part in all this, is that regular John Doe thinks it can be fixed by electing another "Idiot" into office. Amazing,...isn't it.

Natog said...

Michael, I have a good friend who is a combat vet from the desert Storm, and his body is F'd up. Like seriously F'd up. Over time he's gotten better, I think his body is passing the posions in his system over time. All meds and posions have a half-life in the human body he's finally getting better. The Army told him there was nothing wrong with him, or his whole company, because they all had the same symptoms.

By the FedGov not taking care of it's soldiers is a clear sign that we are all disposeable to keep the "powers that be" in power.