Wednesday, July 23, 2008


There is a hurricane about to blow into Brownsville, Texas, sometime in the next few hours. It is supposed to hit right where the Rio Grande empties into the sea. Right on the border. It's been forty-some years since a hurricane hit at that spot. In modern parlance that means it is a 2% event. Roughly twice a century.

The Census Bureau estimates that 1,500,000 people will be affected. That is about a half a percent of the national population but I am sure those folks will not consider that when the SHTF this afternoon. They will sudddenly feel they are special and in need to help and divine intervention. Can't say as I blame them.

But a feast is being prepared also. All those things that will be washed out ot sea will find a waiting group of savengers ready to chow down. Nothing will be wasted. I don't know how it works in the ocean but here in the hills and hollers we have the Buzzard, the Crow, the Opossum, and the Raccoon for our little clean up detail. And them boys don't miss a thing. Believe it. I am sure the sea has it's comparable critters. Those guys farming on the flood plain will lose a lot of soil but that cannot be helped. Proper farming methods would build it back up within a fairly short time but those methods are practiced by only a few. Mainly those "loser" Amish that guy was writing about a few days ago. Amish, by the way, are as successful at farming as they are because for hundreds of year they were denied the right to own highly fertile soil, especially in Europe. If they wanted to move into an area they were only allowed to farm the "junk" land. They got pretty crafty in the ways of farming as a result of that. They can plow a knoll in a field out of existance. They can fertilize with no commercial products. They invented the silo and it's amazing capacity to store nutritious foods. They help each other with no thought of reward but to succeed. They are survivors. And they work like wildmen. If a problem comes along they get right to the task of solving it. I don't think much of their religion but I do admire their resourcefulness. You take what you need and you leave the rest.

I bought 50 rounds of 00 Buck for my shot gun stash yesterday. A hair less than $35 for the bunch of it. Not bad for '08 prices. And that stuff is simply amazing. Makes problems go away in a flash. Knocks bigger animals on their ass quickly! It will do the same for bipeds also. If I were a survivor of Dolly down in that river valley and looters came in I can tell you right now how I would handle them. Clack, Click, BOOM! Looters start going away. They get further downrange quickly. Peace and security settle into the area in a hurry. No one in their right mind wants to mess with the big 00. Those little babies will let you win! At least if you are on the safe end of the shot gun. It's not too easy to get medical insurance if you are on the nasty end of the weapon. Practically impossible, as a matter of fact. Letting off a whole tube of 00 in suppressing fire mode will just about scare the ass completely off of an opponent. Just get an idea of the way they are advancing and let it rip! It will look like you stumbled across a mess of tunnel diggers! Awesome.

I am having trouble finding out the effects of Lobelia on heart fibrillation. Will it stop it? Would it be a good prep to keep around for such a use? I found an herb doctor and emailed him but his email came back as undeliverable. So much for him! But that Lobelia thing is very interesting. It can be of great help to asthmatics. It is loaded with alkoloids, which are some of the fastest and most powerful chemicals in the herbalist's tool box. But I don't know if it will stop heart fibrillation. If anyone knows, give me a shout!

I just checkd on Dolly and she has reached a Force Two level. Power lines are starting to snap and folks are running out of electricity. About 7,000 are out right now but I would day that will be nothing compared to the final total of folks without juice. Last month it was the flooding in Iowa tne down river from there. This month it is the Rio Grande Valley. Man! We must really be living right!

Stay alive!



Grumpyunk said...

I have not heard of Lobelia before and am not sure what you have been told about it. My question is, which type of fibrillation are you interested in? There are 2 main types. Atrial and Ventricular. Atrial is the most common cardiac arrhythmia out there and millions of little old ladies are walking around with it now. By itself it normally isn't a problem unless one becomes symptomatic in the case of a rapid ventricular response along with it. That's a problem and I would have no idea how to dose someone for it at home with an herb.

Ventricular fibrillation means you just died. The heart is just quivering and no blood flow is going on. Rapid defibrillation is the best way to reverse it. But even in the ER it doesn't work a lot of the time. Again, I'd have to know more about dosage and a rapid delivery system would be essential. IV? Only if you have someone doing compressions while you start and administer it IV. You really can't do both.
But, as I always say, you can't hurt a dead person and in that case you've got nothing to lose.
Sudden onset V-Fib w/o rapid electrical Defibrillation is darn near always fatal. Even with good CPR. That's why it's called, "Sudden Cardiac Death".
Post infarction support is critical and depending how far from help and the situation, it may not matter. That's why 20 years ago, we were trained in the Army to Triage cardiac victims into the expectant category in a war time situation. The follow up just wasn't expected to be there. I don't think that's still the case now.
I don't know if this helps any and if you link to some info about Lobelia it may be that we can figure out something.

Staying Alive said...

I don't know who you are, whether you are a doctor or what? You do not seem to be familiar with herbs. My quest is to find an herbal substitute for a beta blocker. I have atrial fib, not ventrical. I went into atrial fib for 25 or 30 minutes when it hit me. Made it out alive though. My hear5t is clean with no blockage. I have an electrical problem. Email to me privately, please.


Grumpyunk said...

Michael, sent you an email. You're right. I don't know anything much about herbal meds. I'm an RN BTW. Nice place you have here.

Natog said...

Where did you find 00 buck for $35/50 rounds? I've been looking for some, but all I find is the expensive stuff!

Staying Alive said...

I am buying the 00 Buck at Sam's Guns and Ammo in Bedford. His phone number is 812-275-6200 and his FAX number is 812-275-6201. Call during the day and ask for Rusty. He will most likely treat you right.