Monday, October 20, 2008


I read Jim Rawles this morning, as is my custom, and he wrote about his personal views of the future in reference to Ayn Rand's concept of Gulching. Gulching is the practice of avoiding governmental controls, of isolation, of freedom from intrusion, of barter instead of "official" sales. Pretty nifty idea. Who the hell doesn't want those things?

The term we need to introduce here is Group Survival. Ayn Rand called the communities Gulches. I prefer another group of words like Kinglet, Intentional Community, Commune, self ruled town. Ayn Rand was a Russian who came to this country and hit it big as a writer. She was famous for wearing a pendant on her dress in the shape of a dollar sign. Her dollar sign would be a little dated in these days. And it's value would be suspect.

She was essentially a money person. She picked the dollar sign because it was the strongest currency around. We were still on the gold standard back then. But it is an interesting look into the mind of Ayn Rand that she was always wearing a dollar sign. Catholics are always wearing a medal of some saint from their vast pantheon of saints. Christians are always wearing the cross. You know about the cross of course. The instrument used to kill the most powerful psychic to walk the earth up to that time. Well, we have a segment of society that shows this instrument great honor and devotion by wearing a replica of it around their neck. I'll bet those individuals who wear that insignia are glad the man was not suffocated to death under a pile of manure.

But Ayn Rand wore a dollar sign on her dress. She showed great devotion to it. She esteemed it highly. Of course, Ayn Rand was not familiar with the piece of scripture that said "The love of money is the root of all evil." And she would find herself aligned with a few very highly paid preachers who fly about the country on private jets and preach the gospel of prosperity. So I will not hasten to grab onto Gulching. I have my own terms, free of the mind of Ayn Rand.

I do however, like the idea of the small groups banding together for their own security and human prosperity. Most anything an individual can do, a group can do better. I spent my youth and middle age and now I am starting into my old age living in a group. And living in a group has made me outspoken and up front about what I think. I am used to expressing my thoughts and inspirations on religion and politics. It is not politically correct but it is what concerns us as souls living before God on this planet.

The Royal Commandments are to love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. That will do concerning religion. And we are to love our neighbor as our self. That will suffice for our political thrust into the world community. Some people do not want to talk on these things and I say too bad. Nothing is more important! The little communities that will come to dot the landscape of this earth will know and understand these two concepts. They will see them as Peace and Righteousness. It will go much deeper than the barter system, believe me. It will be written in the hearts and minds of those in humanity who see the intelligence in being their brothers keeper. The rest of humanity will have a rough time, just like they always have had a rough time. Little communities living out the actuality of the Royal Commandments will be the ultimate protection and security that we all desire.

Stay alive.



Bitmap said...

I thought Ayn Rand valued being rewarded for what you produced i.e. the better you are at doing or producing something of value, then the more highly you should be rewarded. The dollar sign, and the dollar itself, are symbols of that value and reward.

Staying Alive said...

We say, in communal living, that no dog can avoid the collective hunt. It is a man and woman's duty to perform with their highest excellence the work of the village. Reward for good work may come later but not at first. And keeping the population small is a good way to keep any technician from beooming an overbearing drain on the psyche of the people. Basic, down to earth, even primitive living will stop the amassing of cocnuts by any ape. People will recognize inherent talent and it will not be frowned upon to reward it. But the hard working people will not tolerate an economic bully. "Can the hand say to the foot I have no need of thee?" A different set of values most be established to deal with the human family other than more money. Otherwise we end up chasing money again.


Rob Diego said...

Indeed, Ayn Rand was very familiar with the slogan, "Money is the root of all evil." In fact, there was a speech made by one of her characters in the novel Atlas Shrugged that specifically argued about that slogan and pointed out that money was rooted in production, reason and virtue. Her view was that money was the root of all good. You should look up the speech to get her full argument.

Unknown said...

staying alive, your arguments ill-conceived, I suggest reading The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged to clear up some of your confusion.