Thursday, October 30, 2008


I just got word this morning that we have a female goat that is due to kid on March 13, 2009. I am elated!

The first thing that elates me is the fact that someone had the brain power to get the goat. This is a survival minded person. As was pointed out to me in my neighbors email this morning, we don't know what is on the horizon as far as the future is concerned. But this family next door is planning on having some easily digested milk protein around no matter what happens. The Handmaiden and I will be doing some volunteer work for these goats. Too valuable and too much work for a young couple with four kids. I figure they need some support from someone older to make them feel better. Many hands make light work.

My mind is already going on producing some hay for these critters and maybe some grain for the cold months. Like everything else, you can plan on getting out just what you put in to these animals. They can graze seven months of the year and we can feed out the other five months. You want to keep that goat milk flowing!

The males will be good for eating. Tastes a lot like venison in my opinion. And I like venison. Down South in Texas and Mexico they use goat meat in their chili. In point of fact, Texas and Mexico are where you can still buy meat goats for a reasonable price. Of course, that ain't taking into consideration the cost of driving down there to get the animals these days. You might pay a little more and save the drive.

The gal next door was also bragging about her potatoes and how well they were storing. She has a space she is using to keep her preps and the potatoes go in there on a concrete floor. She really likes how they taste. And the temperatures are already falling into the 20's here at night and this cold Winter coming up is gonna make those potatoes taste really good. I have a very low opinion about the nutritional value of a potato. Seems like all the nutrients are in the skin. I figure they are just a super vehicle for butter and salt. But people like them and so why not? I'll plan on potatoes this Spring in the garden. My wife just told me that there is not enough butter fat in goats milk to make butter. Bummer. I was having great dreams about homemade butter there for a while. Letting that butter melt on my hot baked potato. Oh well. You can't have everything, I reckon.

On the political front this morning I just got a post in that I feel is worthy of your attention.
"The more I read your site the less inclined I am toward government run education. I was always against it in principal yet felt I had learned enough to complete my own education and become a reasonably well informed individual. However, now that you have presented so many BIG events in history that I have never even thought of before much less heard of, well, it is very disturbing."

This comment is in regard to the Irish slave story and the battle of Athens, Tennessee, story. Just some of the things we aren't supposed to know about. Things we are not supposed to dwell upon. Things our masters feel should be buried in bullshit. For you hot heads out there, I have a short piece from Mike Kemp.

"kicking down a door, and finding this.
watch it to the end.
WHY do Reprobates and Dims alike hate weapons in the hands of
competent, peace loving civilians?
WHO is the militia?
THIS is what the Japanese officer meant, speaking of invading the US mainland:
There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.
For anybody who wonders, what is shown on the video is perfectly
lawful. It's even 'legal'.
Some great quotes here:

Ah...there is a better day a comin' and I for one will be damned glad to see it.

Stay alive.



Anonymous said...

I have always had an issue with the entity we as citizens are stewards of (aka via the vote) being the entity that is responsible for educating us (aka providing us the tools necessary to make a wise vote)..

thatguyinkentucky said...

Thank you for that video. Really brightened my morning.

Natog said...

I learned a thousand times more "book learning" outside of school than when I was in it.

The last thing the government wants is a well-educated population.

Anonymous said...

natog: You are absolutely correct but there is a reason why there is a saying such as "You can't teach an old dog new tricks". The facts are that we have the greatest potential to learn as children.

And as the governments (California at present) eliminate the possibility of home schooling they are ensuring their dominance of thought, ideas, etc over all of our children (under punishment of law) while they are the most impressionable.

And after 12 years of this indoctrination they unleash them onto the electorate.

The answer is obviously the childrens parents. But by encouraging both parents to work (due to taxation, debt, womens lib, etc) they maximize thier exposure and minimize the parents effect. And if that is not enough most states now have these little entities known as child protective services that can be used against ya.

Now MOST kids we hope will get the education they should from their parents. But the number who wont because their parents did not increases every generation. It should be obvious as the number of critical thinkers is decreasing at a rapid pace in this country. Business is screaming for qualified science and engineering graduates but there are few capable of such critical thought any more.