Friday, October 10, 2008


Michael sez: I told the Hermit about a friend out East who got calls from his banker wanting to loan him money. The bank had plenty of money to loan to people who could pay it back. Here is an update on that from the Hermit.

In addition to your friend, I'm hearing other anecdotal
evidence that those with an ability to repay loans,
personal and small business, are not having any trouble
getting one. Just as with Bernanke's comments before
congress a couple weeks ago, all these assholes seem to
think that what is wrong with the economy is that people
who can't repay loans can't get them. And that seems to
be what they are trying to cure; that and bail out their
incompetent cronies who've lost their asses doing just that.
We can't consume without producing unless everyone can
go as far in debt as they want to buy shit they don't need.

Makes my head hurt!!!!!!!!

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