Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I am reading the financial news and talking with friends and it looks like the game is about over. My friend Charles said to tell you all to prep 'til it hurts. He keeps an eye on the market place. And I agree with him. I have been prepping my medical stuff this week and I think I may be getting somewhere. Nothing outrageous but at least adequate.

The food thing is pretty good for at least the Handmaiden and I. Nothing fancy but nourishing and filling. When it comes REALLY HARD TIMES I think we can make it. We will probably add a little more as opportunities present themselves and therein lies our cushion of safety. I think those seeds we got off of Big John Lipscomb will gain us some survival strength. I especially like the idea of being able to keep seed from one year to the next and not be bound to buy every year.

We are going to find the weaknesses in our personal philosophies when this depression hits home. Our weaknesses will be what we need that we don't have. And what we will use up that we can't replace. Things will be pretty tough on us, I reckon. But we have wood for fuel and we have land for growing food. We have abundant water and the possibility of logs for cabins. If the freebooters don't get us I think we will have made it. God has been kind in letting us see the troubles to come. At least we have a chance. I just checked the price of oil and it is down to $66.82 a barrel. And it is not a glut of oil. It is the fact that no one is buying much these days. The roof over their head and the food in their pantry is taking their attention and their money. Even the Mainstream Media is talking about survivalism. Jim Rawles is getting quoted all over the place. At least a little bit of change is visible.

I don't know but I hear that guns and ammo are moving well across the various store counters of the nation. I guess folks are looking around and deciding that while courtesy and kindness are thee way to go, maybe the other guy ain't too much into that and they need a firearm. Got kids? Better keep them safe! And if you are bugging out, stay off the Interstate. If the government institutes Martial Law while you are traveling the easiest place to nab you will be the Interstate highway system. They can put in a choke point any place they wish and you will be swept up in a flash. Take secondary highways to where you are going. If you have a truck, get some magnetic signs for Joes' Longterm Supplies and make up a bill of lading for what you have in the back and say you are on the way to make a delivery. When they ask why you, Joe, are making the haul just tell them that it is a new customer and you want to make sure you get your money. What ever you decide to do, have your story made up in advance and make it look good. Right at the beginning it will be all a mess of confusion and people won't quite know what the heck is going on. This will work for you. But I think you had better stay off the Interstate. They will have their best guys out there first. Don't fool around with them. You will be an amateur in the midst of professionals and the odds will be against you.

Have all your fuel with you on a bug-out. There may be a cut-off in the supply and there may be folks snooping around the gas stations hoping for a little reward from the fedgov for turning you in for some sort of violation. And if it is possible to make a few dollars for turning you in, you can damn well believe that there will be people doing it. Drive safely and steadily and don't stop for anything you don't have to. It may be a terrible time and Jim Rawles hit the nail on the head when he stressed getting your supplies stashed in advance. That way you can travel light and fast. It will be a pleasant feeling to pull into your retreat and know that your food and gear are there waiting for you. The stress will fall off like water off a duck's back. You'll get out of the vehicle and just really enjoy the free air. Safety is a wonderful thing.

Good luck in all you do and may you do your maneuvers properly. Keep a calm head and don't look back. There won't be any life back there, to speak of. And stay alive!


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