Saturday, October 25, 2008


I found out from reading Jim Rawles that another bank failed this Friday. It's in Alpharetta, Georgia. Must have been trying to hit the big time. And I reckon they did.

In other news I have heard the commodities market shut down due to rules of business concerning a major percentage of loss in prices. Prices are falling. At least the prices they will pay the poor farmers. Rumor has it that we have had a record crop again this year. I hear that it will have to be a record crop for the next 5 years in order to get the supplies built back up. One year is not going to get the job done. But never the less, the money boys will step on the people who produce the basic material, for their short term gain and that is that. Greed is the name of the game and we have some greedy bastards in this country.

I spent a big part of the day with Grumpyunk yesterday. A day well spent. Grumpyunk is an ER nurse and when he starts talking medical issues you had better listen. He is getting a bit burnt out on the ER trip. People are using the ER as a physicians visiting office and it is starting to bug him. People are bringing in their kids who have aches and a runny nose. He asks then if they have given the kid any Tylenol and they tell him something like, "Well, I did yesterday but it's back again today." Then he has to explain to them that Tylenol is not a vaccine and they might have to use it for more than one day at a time.

One of Grumpyunk's main observations was that the old women who knew what to do are gone and what is left is a bunch of ignorant broads who don't know their asses from a hole in the ground. We haven't had many fathers for a long, long time, but we have had mothers right along. Now the moms are going by the way side and that means the health of our people is in dire jeopardy. People are running out of Moms to call to learn how to handle the day-to-day bothers of living and it is taking a toll on the system. Sorry about that, America.

In the 60's we had the beginning of the youth culture in this country. The young were on the march and they supposedly had the hot-line to truth and knowledge. Being old was not popular. Being young and viral was where it was at. Sex and drugs had the center of the stage and age and experience couldn't even get on the program. Well, here we are 45 or 50 years later and we have inherited a bunch of morons. They can take Botox shots and eat Viagra but they can't tell you how to handle a damn thing in your life. Did I say we had become morons? Yes, I think I mentioned that. Unless God were to bring something on the stage that will get things going again, we are doomed. It is pitiful to not have the older, more experienced generation around to share their knowledge. I have said this before and I will say it again. God is the oldest of us all and he might not take too kindly to people not respecting age and wisdom. Be advised. He is also the Supreme Survivalist in all of Creation. He can give you the knowledge to carry on and have your health.

I called the Handmaiden just as she was pulling into the Amish folk's place this morning. I told her that if she bought any preps today to buy Over-The-Counter medication at Big Lots. They get some terrific deals. Grumpyunk kindly assessed my medical survival preps yesterday and told me I was doing just fine. I tell you it swelled my chest like a Pouter Pigeon to hear that. Grumpyunk is one of those kind of people you can trust to tell you the truth and if he says I am doing okay then I am straight! We will probably have Nurses in our midst if the SHTF and I am counting on them to know what to do. I read a helluva pamphlet by Ragnar Benson on survival medicine last night. That ol' boy has seen a lot of things and has the inside scoop if you want to know it. He can tell you how to stock up and what to buy and how to get it. Can't beat that! Between him and Grumpyunk I think I can touch most of the bases. We will try.

It all boils down to the basic survival message. Beans, bullets, and band-aids. Get your food, your defense, and your medical covered as best you can. Be prepared to take care of people. Have a supply of non-hybrid seed for next years garden. With all the people being out of work it won't be hard to get help taking care of business. I am thinking half the crop will go to the helpers and half will go to me and the next years seed supply. The half going for the help will be on the share basis. Equal shares all the way around. Even a share for me if I work down there.

If you buy John Lipscomb's seed package he will send you the DVD on making your own water filter. He says it works and he drinks water from one of them. Nothing like having drinkable water when the SHTF. You cannot live without it. After three days of no water it's pretty much lights out. You can go a lot longer without food than you can without water. Be prepared.

Stay alive!



gott_cha said...

Well I be damn....I got my seed package thursday,....he charged me $35 for the cd

Grumpyunk said...

Thanks for the kind words and the hospitality, Michael. I had a great time talking with you and the Handmaiden. My head has been buzzing with all the things I've gotten to think about from our conversation. I need to process, in a logical way for a few days to organize my thoughts. I'm a little overloaded .

The valley truly is beautiful. What you have there is really special. Darn near as perfect as anything I could envision.

We'll work some on medical stuff the next time I get over there as promised. If we can line up some of your nurses and anyone else who's interested, maybe a first aid class of some kind?