Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Tuesday afternoon

I am just staggering around the 'net looking at stuff and thinking
about how much blood the powers that be will have on their hands when
the SHTF. It is monstrous in it's scope. The world has never seen
something so big crash before, but I believe they are going to see it
now. And the die off will be horrible. All those people without
food and shelter and water and sanitation and the things that are
necessary to sustain life. Just a lack of basic stuff. Not the big
things like fancy cars and big boats and McMansions, but just every
day grunt stuff that they all take for granted. A ten pound bag of
rice ought to get you a lot of nice things one of these days
soon. The same thing goes for beans. And an outhouse. The most
rudimentary device known to hillbillies. A place to take a dump and
take a little leisure from fighting to not fall back into it. A
spring with good water. Some woods and fields to forage for free
food of high nutritional value and immune strengthening
properties. God has given us so much, Charles, and our people have
squandered it on a fucked up American dream. I guess they thought we
could all live like British Lords and Ladies and have our manicured
lawns and gardens. One thing they have managed to do is pollute the
soil in suburbia to the point that I wouldn't eat a fucking thing
grown in it. It just seems that whatever man has put his hand to has
turned to rat vomit.

But there are those of us who are not made to wallow in rat
vomit. We were made to walk upright and breathe the free air and
live our lives and worship God in a manner that HE sees as fit. We
are promised food and raiment. We have been promised that the world
will not be destroyed. We have been promised that the earth will be
cleaned up and a fit habitation made of the planet.

Maybe the thing Half Past Human was looking for as a sign of the
breakdown of the global economy and other gruesome things was not the
1000 point plunge of the DJIIA that day but a week later when the
House of Representatives voted for the bail-out bill although their
constituents sent a 99%+ negative flow of transmissions to them. The
myth of a republic,or a democracy, was laid to rest that day. They
went right out there and voted for their rich buddies in the banking
business no matter what the fucking peons wanted. So be it. God
help them if they come to my door begging bread. I repent of being
an American. Nice piece of property but the neighbors suck.

Later, my man.

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