Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It's cold outside this morning. The tree are becoming most naked of leaves. Still a ways to go but getting there. The garden is all over, ready for our soil amendments if we ever get them. Get them in and get them tilled under. Gotta find something to get in there! You have to feed your dirt if you want it to feed you. The only people who escape this admonition are foragers. Foragers are the hunter gatherers of our vitamin and mineral necessities. You need them so you had better learn to identify them. My wife, the Handmaiden is becoming quite adept at finding the good things of the earth for us to eat. Saves on that grocery bill too! I wish I had the money back we spent on frozen vegetables trying to keep ourselves healthy. But we stayed pretty healthy and so I guess I can't bitch. We have frozen greens in the freezer to eat this Winter and that will be a savings. We also have a huge amount of dried Mint to make our tea on those cold afternoons. A good Mint tea with a little sweetener sure does do the spirit good. Healthy too!

Deer season is almost upon us and it will soon be freezer stuffing time. Maybe my son will come home while it's gun season and get a us deer or two to eat this Winter. He likes to kill 'em and I like to eat 'em. We make a good team.

On the political front the pollsters are giving to Obama in the up-coming election. He wont' make a bit of difference in the condition of the people on this globe but I am afraid of his dislike of the Second Amendment. He thinks it is wrong to be able to defend yourself and I disagree on that issue most strenuously. He pictures people who don't live in cities as being backward and fearful, clutching their guns and their faith in God and holding on for dear life as their lives are shaken. I don't suppose Obama ever grew a garden or hunted his own meat. I don't suppose the man ever had a serious thought about God. He is a machine politician from Chicago and to that he is beholden. Make no mistake about that. I do not believe the man is a constitutionalist. In fact I think he is just the opposite. He is a New World Order Socialist of the highest magnitude. Unless he has his tit caught in the wringer immediately upon taking his oath of office, which he has no intention of ever following, you can expect a gun grab pretty quickly. Obama would have never made it with the Deacons for Justice down in the South during the 60's. But, that is not his purpose, and we will not see any of the normal male behavior from Obama. A city boy and a political freak. McCain would not be any better and might cause a constitutional crisis if he becomes mentally lame while in office. Palin is a female who is interested in showing the world she is a female and showing them she can run for office successfully. Not much of a political platform if you ask me. But at least she ain't Hellary Clinton and that means a lot.

The stock market did not take a big dive yesterday as George Ure predicted but today is another day and it may yet happen. I still cannot figure out why anyone would invest in stocks in this day and age. Stupidest thing going. All we have for sale in this country is debt. Wanna buy some bundled mortgages? You can get a real deal on them this time of year. How about investing some of your money in the auto industry? We still make them here but maybe not for long. GM is trying to acquire Chrysler because Chrysler has 11 or 12 billion dollars in cash and GM sure could use that money. The war industry is going along about normal right now with a little headway being made in rocket attacks on Pakistan and Syria. Big dangerous countries. But if you look at the value of the dollar right now you can know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Plunge Protection Team is doing a helluva job and is getting the dollar bid up out of this world. And that is okay as long as I can still buy my preps. Prepping is the only way to make sense out of living in this crazy world. When we can no longer buy preps then we can know that we have entered a new arena. It will be an interesting visit. And we don't know how long we will be visiting! Pretty exciting.

I hear about police departments cutting back on expenses. Damn. They might not be able to keep track of us as well as they planned. But if there is a major play you can bet on the military coming to the front and taking care of crowd control. But life is kind of like a pendulum swinging back and forth. Back in the 60's the cops couldn't handle the kids because the kids were too smart. Now the cops are all caught up and the kids are at a loss as to what to do to handle them. But things will come back around and the cops will be back on the short end of the stick once again. And I know that 10% of the cops are not bad guys at all, but the 90% will make things awfully rough on us if given the chance. Therefore, be advised.

It's stating to warm up a bit outside. Might just be a pretty day. The Handmaiden could very well go digging roots for teas and tinctures today. She made some Goldenrod and Olive oil lotion to rub on aching muscles and I mean to tell you it really works. I don't now if she has it up on her blog or not, but she should!

Stay alive.



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