Wednesday, October 8, 2008


This is my second post of the morning. Scroll down a post and ou will see a neat little roaster for your outdoor cooking. It was sent in by Jeff Wade and it requires no electricity. There are several ideas going around the blogger sites right now. The most stealthy idea is from Survival Tips at The Dakota fire hole won't smoke very much and thus will have less aroma blowing about for lurkers to catch in their nose machine. Over at is a gadget that the Dragon is very proud of. It doesn't give off much smoke either. His words on the matter:

"I do like the rocket stoves because of the low signature(no smoke).Its good for avoiding Zombie hoards or unwanted PAW attention.

A big plus in my book is that the fuel requirements are very small,so your don't spend your whole afternoon splitting and stacking wood.I cooked my breakfast and made my morning coffee on just a handful of twigs.I haven't used my microwave since I built my first R-stove.Just think I'm cleaning up winter dead fall branches from my yard and cooking while saving on the electric bill.It's cheap.

It saves me cash.

And the few dollars I save can be spent doing something worth while. Damn!"

So there we have some different types of cooking methods to toss around in our little thinking devices. I hope it doesn't sweat you too much.

I got a call from a man yesterday who has started prep and he mentioned that another man has said that if he gets hungry he will knock me out and take my food. I don't think he can get that done. But it tells me that the new prepper is talking out of his mind to people who have no business knowing other people's personal business. But it is nothing new to the human family to be the guy with the latest news and the most stinging barb to tell the public. Some folks just love the Limelight.

I read all the blogs this morning and found a lot of good stuff to do and to think about. Now I think I will go take a nap. I got up at three o'clock this morning and with my usual breakfast weighing me down it is probably time for a little shut eye. Food makes me sleepy.

So take care and do your best to stay alive. I hope to be around a while to watch the reason for prepping unfold before my very eyes.



riverwalker said...

Hang on Michael! I think it's going to be a real bumpy ride pretty quick.


vlad said...

Always go uphill to get firewood.
It is much easier to drag it downhill.