Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Michael sez: I have been told that what you want in Vitamin D is Vitamin D3. You might check that out. And I got this from Mike Kemp, down in Mississippi.

Vitamin link to Parkinson's

Published Date: 14 October 2008

LACK of vitamin D is significantly associated with Parkinson's
disease, a study has shown.

Scientists found that lower blood levels of the vitamin were more
common in people with Parkinson's than healthy individuals. But
whether vitamin D deficiency was a cause of Parkinson's or resulted
from it still had to be determined.

The part of the brain most affected by the disease is highly sensitive
to vitamin D, suggesting that the vitamin may be important to this

But the link between Parkinson's and vitamin D, published in the
journal Archives of Neurology, could arise because of the poor
mobility of elderly patients. Most vitamin D is manufactured in the
skin in response to sunlight.

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Patricia said...

Almost every American is low in Vitamin D. Recent research has shown that Vit D is a cancer-preventative. Yet the Govt. connected health folks all told us to wear our sun screen for YEARS.

Everyone should take extra Vit D and get out in the sun when they can.