Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Michael sez: A concerned reader sends in his observations. Many thanks to Jim Haddix. He calls 'em as he sees 'em.

The lesson plan I am seeing lately that I hope Young Americans are picking up on are :

Never trust the government to do anything in the best interest of their constituents, other than the ultra rich.

Never put money in the Stock Market long term (if at all).

Never put more money in the Banks than just enough to operate on short term.

The government has been lying about almost everything all along.

We as a country have been taken over from within by people who are so far removed from our (the common man and woman) reality that they simply don't comprehend the consequences on us, and don't really care.

We are in the process of paying War Reparations to those who took us over from within, and probably didn't even realize the War was going on, so didn't resist.

The Inflation that long ago started gnawing away at our currency will almost immediately start eating the remainder of it in huge bites, with the whole hearted help and encouragement of the government. The Huge Hidden Tax that destroys tomorrow.

Any faith in the Constitution and Bill of Rights to protect us is a broken dream, our new government does not recognize them as binding, even though their oath of office they swear to would tend to make us believe otherwise. Fooled Us time and again.

Any taxation towards any Social Programs to help the common man, like Social Security will be wastefully squandered by the politicians long before it could be applied where it is intended to go. The closer you get to the line, the faster they move the line back. The government can not be trusted with money. If you hand it to them, it will be gone before time to hand it back.

The apparent implications and consequences of the above, would seem harder for the American Youth to bear in my estimation, than the financial load inherited from previous generations. Sorry, Youngsters. I hope your generations can do better.

We judge people by our own standards. We expect statesmen of honor and integrity, the kids must think everyone is a corrupt liar and thief to be taken advantage of.

Sorry to be running off at the mouth so much, Michael, guess I just had to get it off my chest. I sure hope the kids are picking up on this, instead of believing all the propaganda.

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gott_cha said...

good insight from that fellow