Friday, October 31, 2008


Ah... The smell of financial failure is in the air and most preppers are ready for it. Bill collectors are getting all the work they can stand and credit bureaus are working overtime. The country is preparing to default. And who can blame them? It's one of the few means we poor people have of enjoying the luxuries mostly afforded the rich. The rich are getting a bail-out. We poor folks are getting stuck with the bill. "Go ahead and send me the bill. We are low on toilet paper anyhow." Our congressmen voted for this bail-out even though we stood 99% against it. That is going to cost someone a vote come next Tuesday. I'll be damned if I'll vote to get the bastard back in. Traitor.

A lotta talk about the redistribution of wealth to take place if Obama gets in as president. I'll tell you what, it will only make the die-off that much greater. We have such a huge imbalance of suckers in this country and so very few producers. When it becomes impossible to feed all of the bastards they will die. We will probably get the task of burying them. And if you saw that video yesterday you know the fedgov is getting the caskets ready. Personally I think that cremation would be better. It uses so much less ground and that ground will be needed one of these days to grow food.

I can just see the crank and meth heads as their time comes for leaving this plane of existence. You talk about some up-tight people! They will be looking for a fix and trying to avoid their fellow addicts at the same time. This could get confusing. Poor babies. But their little house of cards will come crashing down around their heads and they will end their little charade of the "good life."

The Handmaiden is cleaning Cayenne peppers this morning, splitting them down the middle and getting all the dried seeds out for planting next Spring. Love those seeds. They make more of what I will be eating this Winter. Gotta have my Cayenne on my eggs. She will be grinding the peppers in a little cheap coffee grinder. Works like a charm. As long as we have electricity we will be just fine in the ground pepper department. If the electricity shuts down we will have a bit of a problem, but nothing we can't figure out. We have a hand powered grain grinder and a mortar and pestle and we should be able to get the job done, to some degree or another.

On the medical front I have a ton of surgical face masks. Great things to have if your are treating contagious people or there is particulate matter in the air that can harm you. Before I got the surgical masks I was depending on dust masks from Lowes. Better than nothing! If I was going to be worried about how well they worked I could always use two of them. Some folks say to use a bandanna soaked in Vinegar for bad air protection. You can always try that if nothing else is around. Just be sure you stock up on Vinegar!

The FEMA trip of having a lot of sheet plastic and duct tape is not a bad idea. The fedgov may have got something right. Hard to believe, ain't it? One other thing they did that got to me was the billboards that said "We can be scared or we can be ready." It did not take me long to figure that one out. I am getting ready.

Stay alive.



treesong said...

"Go ahead and send me the bill we are low on toilet paper anyway." Thank you Micael for a little laugh. I needed it this morning. Treesong

It's me said...

I forgot to ask... wasn't that coffin video several years old? It seems like there was something else to it, but I forgot.

Remind me if you know.

BigBear said...


I think they were plastic vaults that the coffins sit under. That's why they are so big.