Thursday, October 23, 2008


I just had a good phone conversation with my man Charles out on the East Coast. Charles' latest thing is his newly minted observation he calls the GREAT TANGIBLE EVACUATION. It is a way to describe the wealth being pulled out of the American market and converted to major and minor tangibles and taken somewhere very safe.

He basis his story on historical data. This has to do with the collapse of the American economy starting in 1929. One very wealthy family bought all the gold they could get their hands on, crated in up and moved to Southern France. They could keep their wealth and live quite comfortably in France. The Germans had not invaded and by the time they got there the gold and silver and what not had been moved to Switzerland. When the all-clear seemed right they took the money and got back into business.

A very interesting point in this little tale is that you must realize that the very wealthy can wait for one, two, five, or ten years before they come back into the market place. They have converted to major tangibles such as land, gold, and silver. They also purchase minor tangibles such as food, seed, fuel, weapons, medicine and what not. Much the same as most preppers try to do. They are like us in that when the SHTF they want to be on the sidelines eating their bowl of popcorn and cheering the idiots engaged in the melee. And don't have too much sympathy for the idiots. They have had plenty of warning. They have chosen to remain within the system. I think they are whipping a dead horse, myself. But to each his own. I was taught by one of the smartest survivors on the planet and I do not intend to be fooled.

Charles mentioned that the Powers That Be will try to right the boat very heroically 2, maybe 3 or 4 times. It will be an enormous push to keep the system afloat. But after the second failure the people will no longer fall for the heroics and just disregard what the PTB are doing. Then we reach dog-eat-dog time and troubles are going to be huge. The well prepared and the disgustingly rich will try very hard to make it. That is the way of life as I see it.

A vendor of automotive and truck parts went to a convention in Europe recently to expand his business and grow it. And this guy sells to BIG serious players in the automotive supply business. When he got back to the states recently he went over his companies figures and found that there were no orders for any business for the next three months. He is in essence watching his company die. Not a pretty picture for a guy who is used to doing millions of dollars of business a month. But people are not spending these days. They are trying to keep their heads above water. They are making the mortgage payment and the utilities. They are buying food and trying to keep their kids healthy. They are not spending big bucks on superfluous items for their cars and trucks. I guess you can say that people are more into survival mode than they have been in quite a while. But all those houses for sale by the banks have people a little up- tight. They are wondering if it can happen to them. Will they be living out of their car in six months? Will they be able to afford food? Can they buy their medical needs? Can they afford a trip to the doctor? And these are serious questions, but these are serious times. My advice is prep like crazy and try to stay alive.

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Mayberry said...

The sad thing is that folks don't realize, this IS the second "rescue".... It's just been near 80 years since the first..... If ya wanna count the "Great Society", this is rescue #3. People will NEVER learn.