Thursday, October 9, 2008


The Secretary of the Treasury is now actively looking for bank stocks to buy with our money. It seems like any time the Bush administration does something to help it always costs us. Now they want to buy interests in our banking system. My remedy for this is to not have ANY money in a bank. Get it out. Let the banks and the fedgov sit around like the Maytag guy waiting for a repair call.

The best thing I have heard in the way of curing our financial woes is to take the $700 Billion dollars and give it in equal amounts to everyone in the country over 18 year of age. I do believe a lot of mortgages and bills would get paid off and the consumer market would bloom like never before. And we would be home scot free! I could buy preps like a maniac! And I would, too. It might ruin a lot of people who got the money and went crazy, but I think I could avoid that. And think of the homeless living under overpasses who could suddenly afford a home. This would be a blessing beyond recognition. I told my East Coast friend about my buying into this idea and he said Big Macs would go to $10,000 apiece and I of course said I would caution my readers not to buy them.

I just checked the market and the DJIA has dropped below 8900. Sure is getting weird out there.

The main thing I worry about is non-hybrid seed. We can fight off the interlopers and we can get meat, but having a big organic garden is one of my top priorities. Damn it! You and I need corn and beans and tomatoes and beets and onions and the whole gamut of vegetable things Good peppers and cucumbers. All the goodness of the bounty of the earth. And it needs to be non-hybrid so that we might save the seed for coming years. And if people get a little hungry they will be more apt to help in the garden. You damn near can't get enough help in a garden. But if folks are a little shaky about their next meal they will be happy to help. It will take a lot of seed but I think it is coming. I may have a big story in few days about the seed.

The Presidential Campaign is going full bore right now and I could not be any more bored with it than I am. I mean, who cares? Obama is a power mad socialist with drool coming out the corners of his mouth and McCain is a drooling mental case, a poster child for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. And like one guy said, McCain is to be honored for the fight he put up for his country and the horrible things he suffered. He certainly went through more than most guys would ever consider going through. And he took his lumps and went on with his life. But do we want him with the codes for the nuclear defense of this country? I don't think so. He has done some amazing things in his life but I don't want him to have the nuclear football. That part just does not make me at ease one little bit.

I just read a big story on CNN about a study that shows that St. John's Wort is as good for depression as Prozac and does not have the evil side effects. Thank God for this victory! There is a body of study that shows a poisonous plant that grows everywhere may kill flu and maybe cancer. More on that later.

The Handmaiden was just telling me that our ancestors learned a lot about plant remedies from watching animals. A lot of animals that got injured went and laid down in mud. Was that because there were microbes in the dirt that would help heal the animal? I think there was. Penicillin mold grows on bread. Were did the microbes that make the mold come from? Did they come from the dust of the earth being blown about? I think they did.

I'll go for now and give you your peace and time to study and to be calm. Good things, if you are trying to stay alive!



Grumpyunk said...

I like the idea of spreading that cash among those of us who could use it. That shit'll be gone in a wink (if it's not already) and not a damn thing will be fixed. I'd like to retire my house payment & I could join you in preppin' to a degree that I wouldn't have to worry about whether the Social Security check showed or not.

PS - We'll find ya the seed you need.

Anonymous said...

Split the money up between those 18 or older. That would be something along the lines of $3500 per person.

Not bad. But certianly not enough to pay of your mortgage.