Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The afternoon has not brought much more than the morning. I did gt to read a good article by Gary North on Lew Rockwell. One thing he said stuck in my little thinking machine. The banks are going to be flooded with money. But we will be in a Depression and no one will borrow and no one will lend to them anyhow. But the banks have to make money so the best investment for them will be investing in the government. The economy will be in the super glue but the politicians will be in deep clover. This is scary! What will the Fascist bastards do with the excess investment from the banks? Start a war? Buy a bunch of businesses? Build FEMA camps?

Looks like tough times ahead. My seed for next year will be in tomorrow. Thank God. You can get your survival food program going by contacting Big John Lipscomb at his sales page. It is an amazing amount of seed for the price he charges. I sure do hope it works!

Stay alive!


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