Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Michael sez: This guy is becoming a confirmed prepper. He may also end up living here with me if things go South in this country. I told him to get unprocessed Lard, olive oil, and to can some butter. I did not say to buy giant tubs of Crisco. But Rome was not built in a day and the Crisco may come in handy. Got preps?

Hello Michael,
On your suggestion... I got off my ass and found.... CANNED HAM! :)
Tonight I added to my stash:
36 canned hams
36 big cans clams
30 cans tuna
Several flats of soup, applesauce, olives
A lot more spices (finally found a LARGE paprika)
Several months supply of dish soap
2 giant tubs Crisco (I hear it lasts 10 years unopened)
2 more great LED flashlights
More dried milk
2 more flats spaghettios (kids)
Cinnamon bun and Danish mix (lots)
Case cranberry mix
Several giant jars of artichoke hearts
Several giant jars pickled Italian Veggies
A giant jar of aspirin (may start using it tomorrow after hauling all this
Another case of dried pasta
A little more Spaghetti Sauce
And the stash keeps on growing...
This weekend: Charles steam cans a test jar of butter to see how it goes....
Are we having fun yet?

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