Saturday, October 18, 2008


I had a good talk with Charles Bell this morning. He was in to predicting things. He is predicting that prices for wares on the market are going to go down for a while. He will not hazard a guess as to how long they will go down but he says it is going to happen. A lot of companies are going to be paying some big bills in the near future and they need cash. Big wads of cash to pay big huge bills. So things are going to get sold off and prices will drop as the hunt for cash goes on. Charles believes that this is a little blessing for those who have not prepared to their best. You will be able to buy at very reasonable prices. You can increase your preps for very modest cost. And he was serious about this. He is buying Pork Tenderloins for $1.29 a pound. All he wants. Whole loins, not sliced and trimmed and all that. He is getting a freezer early next week to fill it with this good meat that is coming at such a cheap price. Other things will be cropping up at the market that will be going cheap. This pork is being sold because farmers do not want to feed the hogs this winter. Costs too much money. So they ditch the hogs and save themselves the cost of feeding them. But he believes that this will be happening across a wide spectrum of the market and preppers should be paying attention for things to increase their stash. If you got in late you can still catch up, in other words. Keep an eye on canned goods especially. They can be available from your stash for a long time. Good serviceable clothing will be coming out. Warm work jackets and hardy shirts and trousers. Boots will be getting cheaper for a while. Tools, medical supplies, etc,, all getting cheaper. Keep your nose to the wind and wait for these deals. It may be the last you will see for quite a while, according to Charles.

The flip side of this is that a lot of folks are going to be lulled back to sleep, thinking everything is getting better again. Charles next admonition is to not be fooled. It will end. It will come to a halt. And then the BIG inflation will come upon us. Huge inflation. Crippling inflation. The wolf will be at the door and knocking loud and vigorously. This is the secret tax you pay for all the money the federal reserve has printed to bail-out your friends the bankers. It all boils down to "the bankers get the dinner and you get the bill." Not fair, you say. But the One World Order guys don't give a shit what you say. What do they care about the dirty poor? The elite only want enough poor to satisfy their personal needs for servants to do their bidding. They will use your children for sexual gratification and when they are finished with them they will give them minimum wage jobs for the rest of their lives. Dehumanizing jobs that will make them happy to die when their time comes. The rich perverts will continue using up the young and the fair for their wretched pleasure, discarding frequently to bring on more fresh meat. And maybe they escape the sexual perversions. But they will not escape the economic perversions. Economic perversions like privatizing the profits and socializing the loses. If you have not figured it out, the elite want a "can't lose" world out here. No competition allowed. All investments are automatically successful. Sorta like economics by Walt Disney.

I sit here in the valley and I watch this all unfold but I really cannot relate to it. I sit in a place where people have communal instincts. I sit in a place where people have given years to buy land and pay for it, where there is no mortgage. I live in a place where it is considered insanity to go get a mortgage extension to pay for a shopping trip. I live in a place that makes outer society difficult to even comprehend. All divided. All struggling to make it on their own. So hard to do and so often unachieved. I know I sound like a broken record folks, but get the hell out of town. Get some decent amount of land and move there with your friends and get it paid for. Make a life outside the parameters of what our present culture says to do. Sell your TV's for all they will bring and do not take them with you. Get into gardening and hunting and surviving. Live clean and free and unshackled. If some scumbag comes to bother you, just stick a 12 gauge under his chin and tell him to take a hike. He'll understand. Hah!

Prep like madmen and stay alive!

Michael 1


gott_cha said...

Michael, I hope Charles is correct in what he's predicting. If so, yes it would be the break lots of people would need to get their preps up to snuff. For most of the population it would be the flip side I do believe.

Anonymous said...

I keep trying to convince the Lady that life out in the country side would be better. She rather live on the edges of cities like we do now. I hear ya though. I rather be out there myself. Perhaps one day we will make the move.

Mayberry said...

I so hope this is right! It'll be a blessing on two fronts. It'll let us all lay in some good preps at reasonable prices, and weed out the posers.... Lulling the sheeple back to sleep for a bit will let the true survivalists get what we need to live. I for one will not fall for any supposed "recovery", I know too much now to believe it....