Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Panther™ LR-308

In 2001, DPMS expanded from its share of the .223/5.56mm market, and exploded onto the .308 rifle scene. The LR-308, the first and foremost of the .308 line, and for which the rifle series is named, is a rifle to be reckoned with. So much so that it was named the NRA Rifle of the year in 2005.
With a 24” stainless bull barrel, 1 in 10 twist, free floating handguard and a high ride receiver for easier mounting of optics, the LR-308 has gone toe to toe with bolt action rifles and delivered comparable accuracy, with higher magazine capacity and rate of fire. The conventional thought that "only a bolt action could be considered a precision rifle" has been in contention ever since.
With numerous upgrades available, the LR-308 is the ultimate long range target and competition rifle.
Michael sez: I could not get a picture of this gun to post on the blog. But you can go to and drool at it for a while.

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