Friday, October 17, 2008


I read the Glen Beck article put out by Jim Rawles this morning. Beck is actually making noises like a prepper. He is still into prepper lite mode but you gotta start somewhere. He and his wife are getting ready for a garden this Spring. They are doing their studies and preps and gonna make it go. They are going to involve their kids so that they might learn also. But he makes no mention of any program to save the food. And he did make a comment about not being able to save seed from hybrid plants, that only non-hybrid can give you a crop the next year. But he refused to come out against Frankenfood seeds and I was a little disappointed by that. And he does NOT know that genetically modified seed do not give increased yields. Somebody ought to tell him about that. He needs to know that the Terminator genes spliced into the GM seed are not their to make the food more abundant or to give it more nutrition but to make it less susceptible to the pesticides that are sprayed on the plants. The GM seed thing is just another hoax put on the back of people trying to survive. I will tell you this, if the only thing I had to plant was a hybrid plant I would do it. Saving seed is not a suicide pact and food just has to be there or you go hungry. But do not think that if non-hybrid seed is unavailable that you can't plant hybrid. You damn sure can. Get it in the ground! You can look for non-hybrid later. I am no botanist but I have often wondered if hybrid seed could be saved and what came up that was decent could be planted over again the next year. You could just keep doing this until you got a good line of seed going again. Might work and then again it might not. But if you are trying to survive, well...

Maybe John Lipscomb could send Glen Beck some good seed and give the guy a break. Beck wants to make a science project for his kids out of the garden. Saving seed is real science! But I do not know where Glen Beck lives. He mentions that he bought a gun but he wouldn't say what kind. Seems to me that his 'Victory Garden' could get robbed if there were many people around. And a Metropolitan Police Force might take a dim view of him wasting a few folks for stealing the food. Wouldn't bother me in the least. The possibility of starving me and mine to death by taking our food is just as much deadly force as coming at us with a knife or a gun.

And what the hell? I mean, c'mon! You can't go through the exercise of planting a garden and then sit by while a bunch of apes steal it. Put 'em in the ground. It's nothing, if you love your friends and family. Drag the bodies out of your garden and let Mr. Coon and Mr. Buzzard clean up the mess. That is what they do, if you haven't noticed. There is no rational explanation why you should let someone starve you and take what you have gathered to sustain yourself just so they can feed THEIR belly. I am thinking that ownership and responsibility are the governing factors here. The guy who owns the stuff and the guy who did the work. All others stay the hell out of the garden. The O & R guys will decide who gets what. It's kinda like the old Gadsden Flag that says DON'T TREAD ON ME. They people who would make you go hungry or maybe even starve are definitely treading on you. De-fang those snakes as fast as you can. It's all just part of staying alive.



Grumpyunk said...

I've saved hybrid seed from bush beans and a lot of tomatoes. I've gotten a lot of my own hybrids where 2 types of tomatoes pollinate and you get a different offspring. Never had a problem with getting an edible plant producer. Some of the tomatoes were really good.

Most of the basic hybrid garden veggies are just ones that were crossed with known varieties by folks looking for something or the other or just a lucky hit.

Stuff like seed corn technology, that's way more involved and there I have no clue about how or what to expect if you try to save seed. I suspect that most sweet corn would give you a viable seed. Maybe not as great as the original, but ok.

The terminator and Roundup Ready type stuff? Who knows.

My brother, a professor of Agronomy, says they made 'em that way to insure that you can't filch the seed after paying the original fee required. That's why you're required to swear and sign that you won't gather seed for saving on Monsanto seed.
I can ask him about this stuff if you want.

OH BTW, If you shoot some SOB stealing from your garden? Don't let the coons and buzzards eat 'em. Drag 'em to the compost heap! I hear that Apple trees grown in old cemetery's are more productive.

riverwalker said...

Preppin's gone mainstream!


BTW, great post Michael!

Mayberry said...

Glen Beck has been predicting the collapse (or at least a depression)for a couple years now. I think he doesn't go full bore for fear of losing a large portion of his audience, and I suspect he's got preps out the ying yang......