Friday, October 17, 2008


Not much going on today that anyone will turn loose of to report to the blogging community. I think that might be a case of 'no news is good news.'

I did get to talk to the Hermit today and we discussed how this financial calamity was going to proceed. He figures, and I am hard pressed to argue, that if things go down and their is no business because the money is no good, this country will have a huge mess on it's hands in places like New York and Los Angeles. If no trucks are running, the American world is going to stop. Period. No food, no fuel, no nothin' except looters and people trying to hike out. Though where they will go is totally beyond me. The Hermit says you better have a lot of fuel if you are going to get somewhere that has a decent climate. Californians can go North quite a ways and find decent ground, but going East and South are bummers. People in Nevada and New Mexico and Arizona and most of Texas and Oklahoma are going to find themselves in a big hurt. That area of the country is all energy dependent But my God, the area of Los Angeles. What an insane pit of human congestion. Solid people for hundreds of miles.

Can you imagine what this country would be like if even ONE SMALL NUCLEAR BOMB was detonated within our borders? Say it was done where there would be no loss of life. The thing would still shut down, locked up tighter than Fort Knox. Nothing would move. No one would go outside to do a damn thing, until they were driven to go out by hunger and thirst. And then the country would be lit up like a huge bonfire. Man. It is going to be terrible.

All those ignorant people we have been forced to live with, those people who parrot the Media and the fedgov, those who never had the thought of prepping, those who scorned us and would not leave the cities, will start killing and dying. The die-off will be amazing. Incredible. Something Americans have never even dreamed of. America's over-the-road truckers do not live in the cities, for the most part. Thousands live in back-water places like rural Kentucky and Tennessee and Georgia and Alabama and Mississippi. Same way up North. The truckers are out in the country getting by the best they can. And they ain't coming out when a catastrophe hits. They are going to stay home and look after their families. They probably will have access to food and water. They will live in areas where you can still grow crops. And that will be the beat that goes on.

Money and silver and gold will be meaningless. You can't eat the stuff. It might do for barter in the cities but it won't get you much out in the country. The business that might prosper in the midst of a national shut-down is the food business. If you are out in the country and you have extra food, people will find you and the bartering begins. Make good deals, folks. Your lives may very well depend on it.

Stay alive,



gott_cha said...

First off,..missed the broadcast the other nite! Will have to catch the Archives.
Yep we live in a "just in time" society that only sends goods to a store when its needed,...just to restock! My wife works retail and has stories about how the system works. Its all based of a pc program to keep stores stocked in common merchandise. Restock only whats sold.....rarely any extra.
Gone are the days when a merchant could feel the winds of change and the pulse of the buyer so as to know when to over-stock to handle emergencies and such.

Surely the greatest fools today in consumerism must be the shopper who hits the stores every couple of days to make purchases. I know folks who do just that. Oh his wife will stop buy the store several times a week just to pick up items to make supper....never do they buy quantities of anything,...well maybe popcorn and DVD's and a Case of Sam Adams and such.

People such as these,..and there are millions of them,...dont see a problem or a need to stock up the pantry.

These folks will be the ones standing hopelessly in a Wal-Mart parking lot, hungry,cold, and easy pickings for street gangs and zombies.

Staying Alive said...

A most excellent comment, gott_cha. You have presented the mass minded citizens of this country very well. Let them bask in this light! Stupid assholes that they are.