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Wildflower, I think you may doubt this but nevertheless it is true. Most real survivalists don't give a shit about the color of your skin. And really they don't give a damn about the color of most folks skin.

I never said they did, you just did. The color of my skin is small potatoes and seems not to deter many white men interested in a relationship with me, survival oriented or not. I'm different on a whole 'nuther level.

Keeping alive and taking care of business is what counts with them. And you never seem to be interested in writing about any of that mundane stuff. You always get off on some fucking head trip about the sociology of it all. Screw the sociology and get with the program. We could be running out of time! I would say 8 months will bring violence to our country. And I don't give a shit who initiates the violence, I just intend that it will not harm me or mine.

I already wrote that stuff. I simply don't like repeating myself. That mundane stuff is easy to access everywhere. It's on my site, on yours on dozens of others. If there's violence, my message is the smart thing is to get the hell out of the way. Run, baby, run. It's about survival to me, not being macho or playing out some fantasy.

You got your garden plot ready for next year? Do you have all your soil amendments on the ground, waiting to be tilled under for the Winter? Do you have your non-hybrid seed ready to plant? If you don't, you have work to do my dear.

I do need some non hybrid seed. I don't trust my seed. Got any you're willing to share. But frankly, I plan to be gone before that point. I have THREE years of food storage. I know who I'll leave it to and how I'll request it be distributed. It's my fallback. Brazil is my plan.

If you don't have guns you had better buy them. Your daughter and you both can shoot the civilian form of the M-16. It is a VERY low recoil rifle. In gun circles it is called The Mouse Gun. But it works. Do you have a regular ol' Ruger 10-22? Very dependable gun. It comes with a 10 round clip but you can buy 30 rounders all day long, probably at China Mart where you will get a good deal on the gun.

I looked into gun costs. Oh my GAWD! Honestly, you know what I did? Bought silver instead.

Can you get someone to show you and your daughter how to shoot? If you haven't located that person you better get your ass in gear and find them. You can sacrifice yourself on the altar of wasted words but you owe it to your daughter to come up with the goods to live until she has a chance to make up her own mind. Not a good time to be petty, my dear. You are even lucky that Mayberry thinks enough of you to get a flame war going. If he didn't like you he wouldn't even bother. But he is as tired of the wasted verbosity as I am.

I got no emotion behind it. In case you didn't savvy, I don't really give a flock. It's just fun and I'm a writer.

You are a trained medical person. Do you have HUGE amount of medical preps? I'm getting mine, Baby. You better believe it. My next visit from my ER NURSE guy will be when I start my "sewing" lessons. I have medical out the wazoo and I will probably get some more. The local Farm Bureau sells injectable anti-biotics that are safe for humans. They both, human and animal, come off the same assembly line. I need longer needles for that stuff too and I will get them. I will have Tetracycline and be able to break it down to human dosage.

Skilz are better than preps, but antibiotics will be gold and vet meds are the way to go. I do have a stockpile of human meds, particularly antibiotics. Need painkillers and will have to vet med route for them...really would like morphine, but I can't get my hands on it. I'll ask the gangstas for some if it comes to that.

And do you have your food stash REALLY up to what it ought to be? Rice and beans are taught to beginner preppers because it is a combination of a grain and a legume and that forms a complete protein. And just that can keep you alive. But I suggest additional foodstuffs to vary the diet. High fiber veggies will help to keep you regular and SHTF is not the time to be constipated. Canned fruits will be a great benefit in their sweet taste and their nutrition. A ton of canned Tuna and Salmon is great. So is canned Ham and Roast Beef and Chicken. Got food supplements? Omega-3 soft gels? A ton of big ol' vitamin pills? Got feminine hygiene products for your daughter? Got supplements to keep her immune system built up?

My stash includes canned foods to start, six months, with a wheat/bean/ Mormon stash basis. Do you know my ex husband was a Mormon and so was I, just to keep the peace? I keep forgetting that high end country living grinder. See, I'll buy that next week instead of a gun.

This is what I call survival, Wildflower. Why don't you come to the point where you start actually living this stuff? Why don't you start doing it? No one in survival that I know gives a shit about whether or not McPain or YOmama gets elected. These guys are just faces on a TV. This world will pick them up and spit in their ass. Little boys acting like grown men.

Stay alive, Wildflower.


Just because one doesn't rehash the same stuff over and over doesn't mean I don't have preps or grow food. You write about the political scene often too. Why? I suppose because it interests you. Ditto
Wildflower does not seem to grasp the 'trigger' to such events as might prove lethal to us. Politics and economics will be the prime indicators when the SHTF. In this I am interested. Other than that, the politicos can kiss me where the Sun don't shine.

Stay alive.



Anonymous said...

Freaking celebrity at this point.

Mayberry said...

I figgered she was tryin' to provoke me for her own entertainment. Oh well, I was entertained for a bit too, but I'm done with arguing with her.....

Wildflower said...

[snort!] dang, I was gonna post that

gott_cha said...

arguments over pointless discussions are distractions that lure us away from that which we need to be mindful of,...Preps.

Some folks who visit the blogs love to play devils advocate with topics that they agree with,..others just enjoy causing distractions.

Blogs that are moderated sometimes are a good thing

Sunfighter said...

"Some folks who visit the blogs love to play devils advocate with topics that they agree with,..others just enjoy causing distractions."

In other words TROLLS !!!

Not worth bothering with. I delete their messages, mark them as spam (meaning I never see their comments)and block their IP addresses. Playing devils advocate doesn't make you smart, just an annoyance....

gott_cha said...