Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Got this in from a reader, Jeff Wade. Looks like a classy little rig. The price is nice.

I went camping last week and tried out the hand crank turn spit Sportsman's
Guide is offering for $39.95. It fits between the black iron uprights (not
included) over the campfire. and allows you to
cook roasts over the fire with 8 position locks. It works great and offers a
way to cook a quantity of meat without electricity. It would be great for
using if you just shot some game and wanted to cook dinner or just wanted to
cook a roast or a tenderloin over the fire. As it was, I just had to suffer
and eat 7 pounds of prime rib for 3 days while out camping, nearly
exhausting my supply of horseradish. Just another option for when the lights
go out. You won't be cooking in the kitchen then anyway.

Rottshot in N. KY

If you already have a rotisserie spit,with the stainless steel rod and
prongs, then only a handle and the round locking mechanism would need to be
added. The disk has a slot cut out wide enough for the rod to be inserted
into it and the lower part of the handle has a hole in it where a rod or peg
goes through it and locks into one of the predrilled holes on the disk
locking it in place. Then you turn the crank and lock it into position in
the next hole.


scoutinlife said...

Nice set up good price... I have a fire ring I made using a steel semi tire rim an a grate from a semi some rebar welded a nice set up... Still need to make the rotisery part...

thatguyinkentucky said...

That is definitely the way to cook meat... love that smoky taste. I remember when we were younger, me and the guys I grew up with put together a pretty intricate system like that out of rebar. Worked pretty well for a spit, though prolly not to sanitary (the rebar that is). Back then we figured burn it some, it'll be clean. Anyway, cool stuff.