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Michael sez: Global warminng is a hustle, and nothing more. We are, in fact, going into a Minima which will be about 30 years of colder weather. And we go through this from time to time. And we have warmer weahter from time to time. England used to be heaaven for growing grapes. Then the warming went away and it was not any good any more. I hope the guy at Survival Acres,, reads this because he is a sharp cookie and needs to focus his brain power on other things. Global warming is just gone. The Sun dictates our weather pattern. We are entering a Minima that is going to make Al Gore shut his mouth, if that can happen. Al will be 90+ before this little cold spell is over. And that means he won't give a shit about the weather. And a round of applause to Dragon for believing in sunspots. He too became a voice for sanity during this debate. So move somewhere that has trees cause you are going to need firewood. Stay alive!

Lorne Gunter: Thirty years of warmer temperatures go poof

Posted: October 20, 2008, 10:26 AM by Kelly McParland

In early September, I began noticing a string of news stories about scientists rejecting the orthodoxy on global warming. Actually, it was more like a string of guest columns and long letters to the editor since it is hard for skeptical scientists to get published in the cabal of climate journals now controlled by the Great Sanhedrin of the environmental movement.

Still, the number of climate change skeptics is growing rapidly. Because a funny thing is happening to global temperatures -- they're going down, not up.

On the same day (Sept. 5) that areas of southern Brazil were recording one of their latest winter snowfalls ever and entering what turned out to be their coldest September in a century, Brazilian meteorologist Eugenio Hackbart explained that extreme cold or snowfall events in his country have always been tied to "a negative PDO" or Pacific Decadal Oscillation. Positive PDOs -- El Ninos -- produce above-average temperatures in South America while negative ones -- La Ninas -- produce below average ones.

Dr. Hackbart also pointed out that periods of solar inactivity known as "solar minimums" magnify cold spells on his continent. So, given that August was the first month since 1913 in which no sunspot activity was recorded -- none -- and during which solar winds were at a 50-year low, he was not surprised that Brazilians were suffering (for them) a brutal cold snap. "This is no coincidence," he said as he scoffed at the notion that manmade carbon emissions had more impact than the sun and oceans on global climate.

Also in September, American Craig Loehle, a scientist who conducts computer modelling on global climate change, confirmed his earlier findings that the so-called Medieval Warm Period (MWP) of about 1,000 years ago did in fact exist and was even warmer than 20th-century temperatures.

Prior to the past decade of climate hysteria and Kyoto hype, the MWP was a given in the scientific community. Several hundred studies of tree rings, lake and ocean floor sediment, ice cores and early written records of weather -- even harvest totals and censuses --confirmed that the period from 800 AD to 1300 AD was unusually warm, particularly in Northern Europe.
But in order to prove the climate scaremongers' claim that 20th-century warming had been dangerous and unprecedented -- a result of human, not natural factors -- the MWP had to be made to disappear. So studies such as Michael Mann's "hockey stick," in which there is no MWP and global temperatures rise gradually until they jump up in the industrial age, have been adopted by the UN as proof that recent climate change necessitates a reordering of human economies and societies.

Dr. Loehle's work helps end this deception.

Don Easterbrook, a geologist at Western Washington University, says, "It's practically a slam dunk that we are in for about 30 years of global cooling," as the sun enters a particularly inactive phase. His examination of warming and cooling trends over the past four centuries shows an "almost exact correlation" between climate fluctuations and solar energy received on Earth, while showing almost "no correlation at all with CO2."

An analytical chemist who works in spectroscopy and atmospheric sensing, Michael J. Myers of Hilton Head, S. C., declared, "Man-made global warming is junk science," explaining that worldwide manmade CO2 emission each year "equals about 0.0168% of the atmosphere's CO2 concentration ... This results in a 0.00064% increase in the absorption of the sun's radiation. This is an insignificantly small number."

Other international scientists have called the manmade warming theory a "hoax," a "fraud" and simply "not credible."

While not stooping to such name-calling, weather-satellite scientists David Douglass of the University of Rochester and John Christy of the University of Alabama at Huntsville nonetheless dealt the True Believers a devastating blow last month.

For nearly 30 years, Professor Christy has been in charge of NASA's eight weather satellites that take more than 300,000 temperature readings daily around the globe. In a paper co-written with Dr. Douglass, he concludes that while manmade emissions may be having a slight impact, "variations in global temperatures since 1978 ... cannot be attributed to carbon dioxide."

Moreover, while the chart above was not produced by Douglass and Christy, it was produced using their data and it clearly shows that in the past four years -- the period corresponding to reduced solar activity -- all of the rise in global temperatures since 1979 has disappeared.
It may be that more global warming doubters are surfacing because there just isn't any global warming.
National Post


Mayberry said...

All I got to say is....... BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Those Gorebal warming pukes can put that in their pipe and smoke it! I like the Survival Acres guy, he's dead on about most things, but on this, he ain't.... I never bought any of that crap, too damn convenient for Big Brother...... So where's Gore's retraction? Huh? You awake Al? I'm waiting.......... (crickets chirping....)

Grumpyunk said...

Mayberry, you ain't gonna hear Al retract anything. Haven't you noticed the change in terminology over the last year or so? It's all, Global Climate Change now. Al Gore, James Hanson and the power grabbers at the UN are just moving the goal posts as they go along. Hurricane Ike? Still your fault. This whole BS topic has always been about power and control.

I'm not busting your chops here, BTW. Just taking off on what you said. I'm with you here and it's nice to see the push back that's showing up finally.

These pricks are to invested at this point to ever admit they made a mistake. That would crush their dreams of having the power and influence that they could never get legitimately. Al has made ton of $$$ on this so far. If New York has a snowstorm in July they MIGHT be forced to, but even then it's more likely they will continue to blame me and you for driving older trucks and "Killing the Children"., and killing Mother Ghia, too. Or whatever the hell they call Earth now.

Maybe the current economic woes are good for something after all. Not to many people are gonna be pushing for expensive fixes for a non-existent problem when they're living under a bridge.