Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We are heading toward redistribution of our wealth, if Obama gets elected. I don't know what he means by that exactly, but it doesn't sound too good. Folks like Stalin and Mao were great for redistributing the wealth. They also had to distribute a lot of ammo to their execution squads to get more people to go along with their plan. I can just see some folks getting ready to party should Obama get in. They will party while the rest of America suffers from the globalism that Obama advocates. Globalism is a failed policy that has no business even being mentioned to citizens of America. All our manufacturing has gone off-shore in the name of globalism. Our auto industry is being bankrupted by globalism. But David Rockefeller liked it so we have it and it is dying from a lack of viability. This is mentioned as being part of what you have to deal with in the future. You will grow your own damn food. You will build your own house. You will pay cash for your land. Lots of little actions we take for granted today will be out and gone in the future. The S is about to HTF. When TEOTWAWKI comes then things will get even tougher, especially for those who are not underground.

I listened Jim Rawles on a radio station from out in California last night. I do not know a lot of terms, but I was listening to a recording of the show. The man sounded sane and rational and knowledgeable in his field. The radio guys were like little idiots getting to play around the adults as much as they wanted. But Rawles was good and I enjoyed what he had to say and how he said it.

What I did not like was the radio hosts looking for something to ridicule in Rawlses' story. He told them he had tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition. After he was off the air they made fun of this and one host even said he didn't own a single round of ammunition and seemed quite proud of himself on this issue. The ammo-less radio host was a jerk.

They picked at Rawles. He calls his wife The Memsahib. And many men have pet names they bestow upon their wife and I believe that Rawles' wife does not want her name mentioned for security purposes. And that is her business. But where is the sin in your wife having a 'pet' name? I call my wife the Handmaiden. It was something she and I agreed to before she ever got with me. Jeff Cooper, the famous pistol and rifle shooter, called his wife The Duchess. And I suppose there are many instances of men giving unique names or titles to their wives. But they wanted to pick on Rawles and not let him tell his story. "Hey! Let's have the crazy survivalist on the show and make him look like and idiot!" A bunch of egg sucking dogs if you ask me. If it is one thing about media people that seems totally unfair to me it is the fact that they don't do ANYTHING. They just report what other people did, or are doing. They are energy thieves. You do the work. You take the steps outside the norm, as prescribed by the media. You make yourself a possible laughing stock because you believe different than the moronic electorate of this country. Then the media comes along to sink your ship and crucify you. No wonder people don't want to step out of the crap they walk in, in this country. It is written in the subconscious of everyone that if your do this you will be subject to ridicule. You know it without saying it. You have to be a little bit crazy to chance it. Or just thoroughly disgusted. I'll plead insanity and say I am not a bit upset about my fellow citizens. Hah!

I am familiar with the media. We have had them down here in the valley so many times it's pitiful. One out of a hundred will say something decent about you. The rest just want to point out your differences to a cookie cutter populace. You can listen to Pete Seger explain it at The media has to keep the morons happy. They have to keep them convinced that they are doing things properly. They have to keep them satisfied that they have made the correct choice in their life. To destroy this warm and fuzzy feeling in their brains is to risk a severe put down or maybe a revolution. And we can't have any of this stuff going on in our perfect society now, can we. So all you mass minded folks just roll back over and go to sleep. You'll be okay. I promise.

Stay alive!



BigBear said...

I think you worry too much about Obama. We are a broke nation the only thing he can do is raise taxes...that is all any candidate can do. We have been under fascist rule for the last 4 years. Both candidates will deliver more of the same. Their handlers are the same as Bush's. There is only one political party it is irrelevant who sits in the oval office.

Scott said...

My, my, all this Obama bashing about "redistributing the wealth".
What the HELL has Bush been doing the past eight years? REDISTRIBUTING THE WEALTH - to the wealthy and corporations - by the billions and trillions of dollars! My goodness, then that must make Bush - and his republican supporters/enablers - socialists and communists! And McCain wants to CONTINUE that!
I'll take Obama reversing the communist Bush/McCain redistribution any day.