Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The handmaiden was boiling some glass jars when I came in off the porch a minute ago. She is boiling them to sterilize them to hold Tincture of Elderberry. Tincture of Elderberry is basically what I call Sambucol. It helps your body fight flu virus. It is selling for $10 an ounce in the herb shops. The wife has checked that. We have several quarts of it. Quite a sizable sum of money for what we will give away. Ain't any good can come from trying to make a profit from other people's misery. A person who would do that would be Secretary of the Treasury or the head of the Federal Reserve. No place for a group survivalist kind of guy like me.

I am on a trip to get my medical supply beefed up a little more. Like I was telling an ER nurse just this morning, it would be a horrible place to come up short in the future. We need to take care on one and the other. We have to build up our immune system and keep it built up. Foragers and herbalists will help in this quite a bit. Any nurses and doctors can be of assistance with their diagnostic skills and their knowledge of what is needed. They can tell the herbalist what is needed and the herbalist can get what he can. This thing will be a team effort and the more skilled players you have on your team the better your odds are of winning. Medical treatment is so very important and so are supplies. Masks for prevention of influenza. All kinds of bandaging material for all kinds of wounds. The day is not too far off when we will not have the AMA looking over our shoulders when we help a friend and we will need the proper tools.

A neighbor came over and was talking about her food supply. Her husband has built her a shelf to store canned goods and she took everything out of her kitchen cabinets and got it on that one shelf. And she thought her kitchen cabinets were stuffed! But we live and learn. She is going to buy big bags of beans for her storage. We told her how to freeze the beans to kill the vermin and then store them in gallon plastic zip-loc bags with a few Bay leaves. That ought to give her a couple years of storage, at least until she has to grind her beans up into flour.

Her husband is more of a prepper than most people know. He just does not talk about it much. I get the job of telling the sissies to stock up and listening to them sneer. They can sneer down at the garden nest Summer if they like. A Winter and Spring of belt tightening will make them happy to grow and store food. Such is the human family.

I have the Handmaiden in town getting me some syringes for my medical bag. You do not have to have a prescription to get them in Indiana. Having a few syringes will be a nice thing to have. I can numb skin in order to stitch it that way. Clean the cut. Flush it out good. Numb it. And then get to sewing. Just be sure you have good clean material to flush it out. Any disinfectant will be a godsend. Kill all the germs you can!

I think that because I have said something on my blog that all of my readers have memorized it and know it. I'm kinda retarded that way. But I got into some comments and found people coming around reading that didn't know about making a complete protein. So get with it and know this! You have grains and you have legumes. Grains are like corn and wheat and oats and rice. Legumes are basically beans. You have to mix beans and grain in your diet to get a complete protein. If you take the water out of your body completely, 70% what is left is made from protein. Are you getting the picture? If you are going to make it, you are going to have to have protein. DO NOT SHORT YOUR SELF ON PROTEIN. All kinds of canned meats are still available on the market. Tuna is great and I love it. Casseroles are wonderful for getting protein into a meal without a lot of bother. My wife made me one last night with junk sausage and Millet. I call anything that is processed junk. You eat it but you have not idea what the hell it is. The foragers can get you your vegetables in the good weather without too much thought of pollution. You can freeze that stuff and eat in it the Winter, if your electricity is still on. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals and has really great fiber content. Fiber is necessary for your regularity. And regularity means a lot less problems with your guts. And you don't want problems with your guts.

It's a beautiful day outside. A nice sunlit afternoon can really lift you up in this type of life that has been thrust upon us. A few people are prepping and that always makes me feel good. Take care of yourself and stay alive.



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Grumpyunk said...

The Co-op sells syringes and needles. Or you can get an RN to supply you. Wink.

BTW, I actually like Spam. That's looked on as a character flaw by many.