Monday, October 27, 2008


Ozark Momma wants to know where she can get some good garden seed and I have these companies I will publish. I can get more the same way you can. Get on Google and type non-hybrid seed OR heirloom seed in the search box and tell it to go. You will find plenty of companies willing to sell you the good stuff.

This is a new company to me but I saw their ad on Survival Blog and thought they might be worth checking out.

This is Big Jon Lipscomb and his anti-New World Order site. John figures that the NWO will not want you to save your seed from year to year. I have a feeling he is correct.

These people have been selling the good stuff for a long time. They don't sell bulk seed that you can use to grow food for a lot of people. I am interested in feeding a lot of people. But these folks can really provide the variety you might desire. I have used them and they ship like they say they will and the stuff gets here and it grows. 'Nuff said.

What you want is plants that will produce food AND seed for the next year. Get a book or two about saving seed and you might find it to be one of the better things for survival you ever did. Don't know why John Lipscomb hasn't done this. John is not the kind of guy who lets an opportunity go by.

Anyhow, good luck and eat hearty! You have several things to look out for when considering your future. Producing food from year to year is extremely important to staying alive.



Stephanie in AR said...

Hey Michael,

For the past two years I have ordered from Southern Exposure Seeds and have no complaints. Their catalog gives good descriptions & the service is first rate. You can save the seeds of most of their stuff. Would hate to say all as I just order what I need or want to try. There is a strong learning curve when going from Illinois to Arkansas.

Also love Territorial Seeds. They have seeds that can be fall planted & harvested in the spring - maybe not all your readers can do that but perhaps some. They offer a complete collection of heirloom seeds for the gardener.

Seeds of Change is good too. They have a free newsletter & keep an archive so there's a lot of resources available even if you don't buy their seeds. They are very much into the idea of feeding ourselves and encourage people to do so. Their variety descriptions often include nutritional info - tomatoes that are extra high in vitamin C for example. Helps to decide which may be a better variety in a small garden. I am planning to experiment with yacon and amaranth based on their writings & my own research.

If anyone is interested the folks at Path to Freedom have done an amazing thing on their 1/5th acre yard in Pasadena. They are at

Keep preaching it because it needs to be said. How did the cranberry bean seed experiment go?

Jess (Ozark Momma) said...

Thank ya much Micheal...I've ordered from heirloom before and was happy with the results, gonna look into the others as well. Saving seed is a pastime here, lol. Just have to get our OWN land to put it on before next spring...on the to do to get that puppy paid in full.