Monday, October 27, 2008


I've read my blog menu for the day. 10% good stuff and 90% blather. Not much bullets, beans, and band-aids out there to keep me going. Aunt Flossie's dog's breath has the floor this morning.

Mayberry has a war going with Wildflower. It is essentially a battle between a survivalist and a sociologist. They aren't even on the same page. Mayberry is into prepping and Wildflower is into sociology and ne'er the two shall meet. I was interested in Wildflower for a while but she is not into survivalism and cannot admit it. So we go on, prepping like crazy and doing what we can. We try TO NOT BE FOOLED and we try to not believe anything the fedgov says and that includes the Mainstream Media.

I got a little care package from Mississippi that had some medical preps, this weekend. Happy for that. I think I have mentioned that am into medical stuff right now. Thanks to John Lipscomb I have practically all of my food seed for next Spring, with very little else to buy. Maybe some Cayenne plants or seeds. Hard to make it without Cayenne.

I found another seed company this morning. It's the coming thing, you know. Food will be very important in the coming hard times. I preach on this a lot and some of you are probably tired of it but I think it is essential to our continued existence. I have another idea of presenting this case. Most Americans have been conditioned throughout the last several decades to buy their food with some of the money from their paycheck. Food has been very cheap and Americans could afford all they wanted. We have had this globalism for awhile and it has expanded our food selection immeasurably. But I believe we are about to see the reverse of that. I believe unemployment is going to wipe out most of the income we have all grown accustomed to making. Thus, what was easy to get will become hard as hell. The system is going to reverse itself. And we don't have many people left in this country who can grow a damn thing. They have neither the tools nor the knowledge to produce food. If it isn't on the counter at the super market it is a mystery!

Non-hybrid seed is going to be vital to the continuity of Americans as a people. We have a lot of greedy, lying bastards who have tried to take this life prolonging area completely out of our hands but they have not succeeded completely. There are still people out there with non-hybrid seed for sale. And if you can buy some of it and grow it then you can learn to save seed and you are on your way to self sufficiency. It's done all over the world except for America and some of her clones. DO NOT BE FOOLED. You CAN grow your own food and you CAN save your own seed and you do not have to put up with the greed and avarice of our Frankenfood industry here in the good old USA. China does not have hybrid seed. They do not believe in it. It robs them of their ability to be independent growers. They do not want to be forced to buy seed every year from some company who has inserted themselves between the plant and the grower. Makes sense to me!

The economic news is a real downer, as usual. Too bad about that, America. You have had some damn good people try to tell you that things were going to hell but you would not listen. Now there is a price to pay and it is coming out of YOUR HIDE. If you have any resource left you had better use it to prepare and stay alive!



Jess (Ozark Momma) said...

Stayin' out of the argument here, 'cause what I have to think no one would really like. I'd be a stupid white woman if I made any of the comments that run through my brain anyway! lol

Say, care to share a few of your seed sources...not that I don't have a few of my own...if I could only remember where I put the dang links. Mommy brain.

Wildflower said...

I am too a survivalist, simply not a cookie-cutter one.

I got hella beans and wheat, along with lots of bandaids. I don't have bullets, but mainly because I don't know how to use them. If someone wants to send me a couple of hunting rifles, I'd accept them and try to find a class somewhere. In the meantime, I know folks who know how to use the things and would protect me if that's ever what was needed.

Got a passport, good running shoes and a backpack to carry the gold too.

I don't see how you say I'm not a survivalist simply because I don't adhere to the rather narrow mindset and political view of the pack.

Bitmap said...

I've said it before and I will say it again:

There is not mainstream media. There is a leftwing media.

You can say that there is a rightwing media, but there is a big difference: Rush Limbaugh, etc. are commentators and don't claim to be unbiased sources of news.

I like the rest of your post but felt I had to point out your error.

Wildflower said...

Fuel on the fire, but I'm a bad girl.

Faux Noise claims to be an unbiased new sourse. Faux Noise has all those blonde bimbos and very few hot men, have so much racist reportage, which bugs me, and they have Billo, a whiny crybaby along with Rush. But at least Rush has the excuse of being high. Fat Sean Hannity is as stupid as a rock.

At least Anderson Cooper is smart and easy on the eyes, gay or not.

The rest of the MSM has a liberal tilt, but I find liberals tend to be (way) smarter, so it's easier for me to swallow although I realize it's all BS.

The entire MSM is gov't (rulerz) controlled. Corporations own it all. What news gets play is almost entirely controlled.