Thursday, October 2, 2008


I had a heads-up to read a rant on and it was worth my time and trouble. But I can't help but feel that Jim Dakin got it very well said today at A few things he mentioned were "We are most likely not that pressed for time, but why take the chance? If you are wrong finances are tight for awhile. If you are right you save your life. It takes one missile attack and oil imports stop. It takes one Bank Holiday and your bank funds are frozen. It takes one false flag attack and we are under martial law. If you are hoping for a return to normalcy, you are frankly an idiot. Not that it can't happen, but that the penalty for being incorrect is death." He ends his rant with " Everyone has to make up their own mind as to what we face in the days ahead. My vote is to panic early." Nothing like avoiding the rush, sez I. Freak out early and by the time the sheeple get around to doing it you will be calm, cool, and collected and ready for the mess. Good post, Mr. Dakin. I don't often cross post with others in the survival community but this is an exception worth breaking the rule.

A friend of mine just bought a DPMS rifle in .308. He had handled on in .223 and he said it spoke to him. We both roared on that quip! It is a fine thing when a man can get a rifle that pleases him. He figures it will be a game getter and a fine self defense weapon. I agree. That .308 round will smack the hell out of whatever is bothering you. 30-06 will do the same thing but ammo is not going to be as prevalent as the .308. Troops will have .308 and they might trade you for stuff they need and that you have. Fresh food and meat come to mind here.

The market is still falling and it may be doing that in order for the House to vote for the bail-out this evening. And that would involve manipulating the market and I believe that has been done for months on end.

In the news from Ireland we have this little tidbit. The Irish have been having runs on their banks and they were getting hurt by this. So the Irish government passed a law that ALL bank accounts, for any amount, were insured in totality by the full faith and credit of the Irish government. The bank runs ceased in one day. The next day the Irish started putting their money back into the banks and the flow of foreign capital into the county was phenomenal. Money was coming in from all over the world. All folks wanted to know was that the Irish were not going to turn NEW WORLD ORDER on them and nationalize everything and all that crap. Just a place to store their cash was what they wanted. The cost: One press release!

Jim Rawles over at been very good of late. He is putting up a lot of his own mind these days and that is refreshing. He is a very dedicated survivalist.

It's about 11:15 a.m. here in the valley and the market is going bonkers. Everything is DOWN except the dollar. Figure out the insanity of that! But the loony-tunes investors in this country are capable of most anything. They might try investing in land and getting a retreat started but I reckon that is a bit too much to ask. I reckon they all have good fireplaces to burn those stock certificates in and have some warmth.

Treesongs is up and publishing regularly. Had some terrific data on Hamburger Rocks and such as that. I can really like these people at I am reading them every day now. Hillbillies! My kind of folks! These guys will make it if anyone. can. They are really earning high marks on my scorecard. Give 'em a read and a comment. I do.

The Handmaiden is out seeing about a business appointment and I am home finishing this blog and getting ready to shell more beans. Wish us both a successful day and do your damnedest to stay alive!



treesong said...

Thanks Michael for your comments regarding my blog.

I always enjoy reading your blog too and Jim Dakin. After a few phone calls to day with a teenage granddaughter and one sister, I think reading some of these blogs should be required! Where, oh where are their minds? I'll post more of my rant later today or tomorrow. Until then, I'm trying to lower my blood pressure.

scoutinlife said...

I read jim post this morning was a great read.... Glad your buddy found a rifle he likes..It strange how every now an again you find the one gun you bond with........