Thursday, October 16, 2008


MY SEEDS ARE HERE. I always get a little excited by the arrival of more preps. And these seeds are obviously preps. I have been zooming around the Internet seeing what other folks have to say about the varieties that John Lipscomb sent to us and the results have been very good. No complaints and high praises. Good tasting stuff and high yields. My kind of garden seed. Some of these seed originally came over on the Mayflower. Not really the seeds "I" got but I have the off spring of them! My checking of the varieties has been very heartening.

You can go about anywhere and buy guns and ammo. You can get strong clothing all over the place, and warm stuff too. You can buy tools and appliances and medical supplies and all kinds of neat things to get you by in the hard times. But seed for healthy food is another thing. After water, you must have food. Working men must be fed. Babies have to be fed. Mothers must be fed. The whole family must eat to keep on going and growing and producing.

If you are prepping with a high degree of seriousness I advise you to look into this seed offer. The web address is

The stock market finished up $401 today. I cannot think of why. Who in their right mind would buy stock at a time like this. There is more value in a bean seed than there is in a share of stock. It seems like the world is upside down and only a select few people will be able to right it and get things orderized again. It was said of the Apostles, in the Book of Acts, that these were men who came to turn the world up-side down. It just meant that the animals were on top and the men of God were on the bottom. I see very little difference in the world today. But it is going to take a huge force to turn things around, to turn the Ark over again. Maybe even some nuclear power. But we have plenty of that! The whole world is loaded with atom bombs of one kind or another. Man has plenty of power at his disposal to kill his fellow man. It always seems to end that way.

The metal market took in twixt the cheeks again today. Silver is at $9.65 an ounce on the New York market. Man. These government manipulators are working overtime. Silver needs to be at about $60 an ounce right now for it to become a reasonable store of wealth. But they beat the price down every day. That is so the people with money in the bank do not take it out and go across the street and buy gold and silver. If that was going on things would collapse at a very rapid pace. But to buy stocks? Craziest thing I ever heard. Buy the standard TANGIBLES that I have preached on for 9 months. Beans, bullets, band-aids, seed, tools, etc. These kind of things will let you survive, let you stay alive!



Natog said...

Crap! I've been sleeping at the wheel, time to buy some more silver!

Mayberry said...

Just sheeple desperately clinging to false hope that "everything will get better". C'est la vie....