Sunday, October 19, 2008


It's a beautiful day. It ain't particularly warm but it is very pretty. I just talked to an old buddy of mine. He's 20 to 25 years younger than me but he is as mean as me. Gotta give the kid credit where credit is due. He is a 4th or 5th degree Black Belt in Hop Ki Do and he can do it. He can really fight and not just do forms. A young man close to my heart. He moved out of here a few years ago to be closer to his work but he said he feels something in the air and is gonna move back in. He thought last year that things were looking bad but we got through it. Now he doesn't think it will blow over. He thinks the economy is going down the tubes this time. I could not agree more.

But it will be nice to have him in the area. No one will want to fool around robbing our garden if they know he is gonna be down there. He may be nastier than my own son, if that is possible. He does not fool around with thieves and rip-offs. And he has a Benelli shotgun that will blow your mind. He can empty that shotgun so fast it makes your head spin. Whole lot of shakin' goin' on. Much lead headed down range.

The mood of the usual Stay Alive gang is one of resignation and preparation. They are resigned to the fact that Americans have turned into idiots and they are going to prepare for the worst. I applaud their sense of decency and purpose. The message of survivalism goes out every day from numerous blogs. The message has gone forth. Have we even got 1% of the population with us? 1% would be over 3 million preppers. I just can't picture us having that kind of support. So, I can say with some sort of mathematical certainty that we will have our hands full feeding ourselves and keeping the morons away from our hard wrought food. I have enough seed to feed us next Summer and I am not going to let that food go to the idiots who have failed to address the coming hard times. I love people but I will not let that keep me from doing what is right. There will be some good people coming here if things get bad. The Hermit, maybe. Charles Bell, probably. Mike Kemp, maybe. Bruce Burdick, maybe. Pretty good men. Men of the ability to think and act on their feet. Men who love their kids and who love decency.

These kind of people will become very important to us in the next few years. Fascism is sweeping the globe, taking Europe and North America first. Others will follow as best they can. If they have the money to do it. If there is any money with any value. Gold and Silver will be of great value in the next few years. After the carnage of global war it will not be worth so much for a while. I keep telling people that food production is where it's at in the future. I don't know how many are getting the message but at least the word has gone out. Guns and ammo and medical supplies and knowledge will be worth a lot. A good herbalist will be a nice addition to your preparations. Foragers are nice to have around. All those free vitamins and minerals could save a lot of people. Gardeners will have steady employment. Seed production and saving will be of the utmost importance. Men who can build log structures for people to live in will not find many idle days. People, men and women alike, who can preserve food for the Winter and Spring without the benefit of high technology will be welcome in most any camp. The electricity can go off. You can use up all of your canning lids. What will you do them? You will trust your food preservation people to bail you out! And they will do it because life is a team effort and no one can do it all.

Little villages of 150 to 200 to 250 people will spring up across this great land of ours. And people will know each other again and learn to get along again. And it will be great until the Fascists try to destroy everything in their constant mode of conquest. I get so tired of these morons. Why don't they just quit and go to work? The world would be such a better place to live.

But whatever is to be will be. You just try to stay alive!


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Mayberry said...

"I get so tired of these morons. Why don't they just quit and go to work? The world would be such a better place to live."

I have often asked myself, and others, that very question. It is beyond my comprehension why such people insist on inflicting pain and misery on everyone else. Why can they not live and let live?

I've never bothered a soul, but I sure do get bothered on a near daily basis. People now have no respect for others, or their property. It defies all common sense, and common decency. It boggles the mind....