Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Hi Mike,
I have given this some thought. Some survivalists that live in City and Subburbs intend to depart for the countryside when the SHTF. But someday this and everything will pass. The cities will implode and empty. People will flee to safe areas and form safe enclaves.
1) Then what?
2) Have you given any thought to the aftermath?
3) What will our country and society be like after the implosion and the aftermath?
4) Will we have a free society or Warlords ruling certain areas?
5) Will we be able to reintergrate into a closed society that is suspicious of outsiders?
6) Will survivalists who have ran away or isolated themselves in bunkers be able to return to a now closed society?

We only deal with the event and rarely touch on the morning after.

7) What is your oponion?

Remember we planned for a wonderful lightning war in the Middle East but got caught with our pants down in the peaceful aftermath.
Respectfully, Jim

Michael sez: It is such a dog-eat-dog world that it is hard to imagine anyone except the gangs being able to organize for any kind of survival. But Nature abhors a vacuum and if a war lord type of leader is needed or has a shot at taking the local crown, then it will happen. You gotta be ready for this guy!

But in the event of an attack on our shores by a strong enemy, the situation for those still living will be one of chaos. Big time grid down. Medical attention at zero levels. Law enforcement non-existant. Communications a thought of the past. Food where you can steal it. Guns and ammo what you have to begin with. Sickness and disease most every place you look. Fires and radiation poisoning the rule and not the exception. Horrible.

But if you are out in the hills and hollers with free flowing water and some food preps you might have a chance. The die-off will be spectacular. I have seen it by vision and it is absolute hell. But I never saw it in the country. What was revealed to me was in a big city. I don't knoow how the countryside will fare but I know damn well I don't want to be in a city. And I have friends in the city. Good friends. People I appreciate very much. And I warn the stubborn idiots all the time and maybe I am getting through to them. Kinda funny but the sx o'clock news is working for ME for a change. HAH! By God, I'll bet the fedgov hates that! Ain't too hard to figure why this government is so secretive. They try like crazy to keep people from knowing what is really going on. If people really knew there would probably be blood in the streets. I know if I were a black man in this country I would never vote republican after having watched the fedgov after Katrina. New Orleans used to be a black city. But they seem to have moved a couple hundred thousand of them out of town and ain't bringing them back. So much for the Big Easy.

But getting back to the questions...I have been asked what the nation will look like in the aftermath of calamity. I haven't a clue. But that ain't true either. I do have a clue.

I believe there will be a thousand little enclaves spring up across the land. They will have leaders. The leaders will be called Kings or Queens, Priest or Priestess, or Boss or what ever the hell people decide. The three headed monster we have now has been proven to be lacking of the will to be caring of the people. The leadership of these enclaves will be persons whom the people trust. Some of them might even be elected. God, I hate elections. God don't like 'em either.

These leaders will be learning the new craft of governing people. And they will do well or they will be replaced by the subjects. Or they will find themselves very lonely because people can vote with their feet. But a single governor or ruler will be the most economical and efficient. The biggest size of these little enclaves will be around 250 people. A leader can't deal with much more than that on a daily basis. Everybody will know everyone else in the new enclaves. You won't neet a stranger. You will work together and eat together and play and party together and you will pray together. Thus the people will be secure in their minds as to their situation. I haven't said this before but the question drew me out. And this is another reason why I am not interested is prepping to keep the present civilization going when the SHTF. Like the guy up in Idaho says, "New America! And idea whose time has come." To hell with starting up the same damn ball of crap again. Who needs it? "Not I!" said the Michael.

The new enclaves will be ventures in trust. They will be lights on a hill of cooperation. They will eradicate the haves and the have nots. They will eradicate poverty. They will eradicate inequality. They will bring peace to a troubled world. And they will have the honor of God, for they are of his mind. God WILL honor his own mind you know. The new move will be called Kingdomism. It will be a lot of work and a lot of fun. There will be buildings going up and crops going in and being harvested. There will be crafts galore as people pursue their genetic inclinations. Who really knows what good lies within a person unless it is given a chance to manifest itself? In the new day a'dawning people will have the opportunity to prove their talent. The scripture says that every man's gift makes room for him. That just means that your contribution toward the good of all the people will guarantee you a place at the table, a place to worship God and an invitation of automatic issue to all events of your society.

I go now. Stay alive!



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