Sunday, April 20, 2008


I have been thinking about the hard times ahead. What will happen? How will I deal with it? How will YOU deal with it?

Will the riots and the attacks and other fun things come about on some beautiful sunny day when the world is happy and carefree? Will there be a crispness in the air so that the scope on my rifle will not have "mirage" heat wrinkles in the image? Will I be able to pick and choose what I am going to do? Will I have all the contingencies thought out and in place? Naw... It can't happen that way. Mr. Murphy still sits in his office and dictates changes to the best laid of plans.

Your wife is gonna be out shopping in some nearby town and you are going to have to go get her. The traffic is gonna be a bitch and she can't make it home to safety. You know she has paniced and is crying and will be a perfect victim for troublemakers. She has a ballbat and a skinning knife with her but she won't leave the stuff she just bought and take her weapons and get the hell away. So I get a couple friends and we go look for her.

We will all be armed to the teeth and looking out for cops and bad guys. Our 12 gauge shotguns will be at the ready. 00 Buck will be lying all over the front seat of the truck. If a cop stops us and wants to know what we are doing with the weapons we will have to tell himn that we are going to a target shoot. If he says there is a general alert to confiscate all weapons then he will have to become the target. Can't be helped. I don't know what laws are in effect but I am proclaiming non-confiscation for all citizens. They ain't taking my guns.

So we find the wife and get her out of town and safely to our home. Security for all! I get a warm supper and she gets to keep her life and honor a while longer. Life is good. We await the storm.

But the kids are in school 25 miles away and the school authorities don't want to let them go home. Trouble is afoot in the land and they fear for the safety of the children. My first thought is to let the kids go and let the world suffer the consequences. We took 30 of our kids to the Arizona desert a few years ago. We drove them out in a bus. We preached about rattlesnakes and scorpions and how they can kill you. When the bus stopped at the house on the property 30 kids immediately vacated the vehicle and went on a snake and scorpion hunt. They turned over every board, old piece of roofing, concrete block and garbage can on the premises. They found ONE baby scorpion. But it suffered a quick death. And the school is going to be worried about the helpless kids?

Yet we have to go get the kids. I can see a real caravan of pick-up trucks going on this mission. There will be plenty of room for all the passengers. We drive the 25 miles to the town where the school is and notice the area is crawling with police and deputy Sheriffs. We try to be cool and tell them that we are just coming to pick up our kids. They try to be cool and tell us to go ahead and get them. We do so and head back to the ranch. The news on the radio is saying that cruise missiles are attacking the eastern seaboard and are working there way inland. We speed up!

As we get close to our home we notice smoke in the eastern sky. It is not lookig good. The radio is talking about rioting and mayhem in the cities and huge traffic jams occuring as people try desparatley to get out of town. We are blessed to have no highways to travel much beyond the small town where the school is. Our final approach to our village is all on gravel road. We are most happy to see it.

But now we find that a lot of people do not have drinking water stored and the power could go off at any moment. What the f**k? No drinking water stored and ready to go? How could anyone be so f***ing stupid? It is noised about to run your water for drinking purposes and store it. Most get the message. A few don't and will have to start boiling for a while until we can get some springs hooked up for public use.

By this time, what news we can still get on the radio is saying the country is devastated. Reading between the lines we discover that we are on our own. Well golly, Ollie. Who'd a thunk it?

We find that we have all our people at home and we decide to have a meeting as to what to do during this attack. One older, more gruff and nagging fella, suggests that before we have this meeting someone ought to go towards the entrance to the valley and fall a couple good sized trees across the road. Might need to have a bit of a deterent whilst we palaver.

The meeeting is going on very nicely, with even the gadflies paying close attention. But the sound of bombs starts to penetrate the area and people are wanting to get away from being all in one place. We disperse to our homes or wherever we decide to wait it out. Thus ends the first day of the begining of a new life, a new creation. Are we experienceing the mutation of the species? Could damn well be!

Do you see anything YOU might be doing when the TEOTWAWKI hits us square in the ass? Do you have some preps that can help you? So you have some supplies and medicine for first aid? Have you got some food to carry you through? And the food is not just for surviving an attack by bombs. You goin' into town when the food riots are going on? Not I said the Michael. I am staying the f**k away from those folks. Ain't gonna be any food on the shelves anyhow. The local Big Box store will be naked as a jaybird. Nothing for sale. I reckon there will be a lot of bodies in the parking lots though. And you can have any kind of car or truck you see, if you can get the fuel to run it.

Are your loved ones home and relatively safe? Do you worry about neighbors who might not be too upstanding? Not hillies or rednecks, but meth freaks and thieves. Are gangs beginning to make their presence felt in your area? Can you get the f**k out of town? Town is going to collapse. It will fall into anarchy and violence. Have you made arrangements with your Aunt and Uncle to come to their farm for a while? It ain't nothin' special but it is secluded and has some hills hiding it from view. If there is a place available it is time for you to move your family and friends to safety. GET MOVING! Every hour makes life more dangerous. And take what preps you have with you!

The food riots will be bad. Fires and looting will dominate the local scene of every town. Murders, beatings, kidnapping, rape, and looting will be the topic of discussion where ever you are.

Well, I was just taking a look around and thought I would report what I could see. You all take care and stay alive.


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Ryan said...

Planning is essential. Get the loved ones and get home as fast as possible.