Thursday, April 10, 2008


Michael sez: This is a reply to a comment by peacenskittles on the action at the Michigan State University disruption of a week ago.

We realize that he was not in an immediate danger. He didn’t need his gear from his bob, his weapons, or need to bug out. If he had done nothing he might have had to deal with a few flash-bangs or maybe a tear gas canister coming his way. Yes, MSU does this and have done it in a larger way before.

The point is that this was a training opportunity. We are firm believers in the theory that what you do in training you will do in the actual event. Slide by in training and you will try and slide by when it counts. My son did everything he felt he needed to do to keep his girl friend, her roommate, and himself safe. As we have agreed, MSU has done bigger, badder, riots in the past. How would you decide when it won’t keep growing and become a full blown car burning, apartment raiding riot?

When my son called he talked about watching the crowd develop a “crowd mentality”. He told me it was almost scary to see normal people start to do things because they felt safe in numbers. More than likely none of them would have tossed a can, bottle, or rock at a cop on their own, but in a crowd missiles flew.

As an aside, I saw on the news tonight that a street party in Toledo, Ohio turned into a riot this weekend also. It just may be that this year may hold more riots. I believe that someone once speculated that riots in the streets would be a precursor to TSHTF. I also heard that with Obama running the black population will be emboldened to do more violence. (I don’t know, and don’t believe that should have a thing to do with being emboldened, but I did hear it and sift through all Intel when it might be prudent.) If no more riots take place this year, great. If there are more and more, then it is time to step back and evaluate.

Again, survival is not a one dimensional subject. We must learn to survive a multitude of situations and events. Maybe, just maybe what was discussed here today will let some other person survive a worst riot. I was 16 during the Detroit riots in the 60s and understand that they can go south in a hurry and people can die. I would never treat any riot lightly, even one at riot prone MSU.


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