Friday, April 4, 2008


MSNBC has an article up today about drugs on the market that don't work and cost like crazy. You can read it at It's on MSNBC but that don't make it a lie. But is does bring some suspicion. Most of the medications are for nasty old cholestrol. It is upposed to clog you arteries with plaque and eventually starve your system for blood. Ugly words.

But there is a solution! It's called Omega-3 fatty acids. It comes in a big soft gel full of Fish Oil. And it works. Even George Bush takes one a day. I take two but I am a big mutha and don't want to short change myself. I even had a form letter from my doctor telling me that my system was in good shape and to stay on the healthy diet!

Hell. I eat more fats than anybody I know. If it ain't got fat in it what the hell good is it? And my body likes all that fat. What my body DOES NOT LIKE is carbohydrates. My body turns carbs into fat. Read Dr. Robert Atkins on this subject. He was a highly regarded cardiologist before he got into diet. The one line of his I will never forget was "There is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate." Works for me! Fat does not seem to make fat but carbs damn sure do! And eating fat instead of carbs will kick the shit out of Type 2 Diabetes. It may be time for Mike Kemp to write some more about carbs versus fat. He has had to deal with that little issue for damn near 50 years and he knows a thing or three about it.

The Handmaiden found Purslane last year and it was a great thing. Not only did it constitute a superfood but it is the best source known for Omega 3 fatty acids in the plant world. You could substitute if for Fish Oil. Eat plenty and grow it in your South window in the cold months. We ate the hell outta Purslane. Fix a sandwich and top it off with a big handfull of shredded Purslane and a slice of tomato and you can just bliss out. Makes eating Hamburgers a healthy food activity. You might put some Cheddar on that if you have it or some _near plastic_ "american" cheese.

If you want to tweak your serum cholestral level you can take a teaspoon of Sure-gel every morning with your juice or a little water for two weeks. It is basically Pectin which is derived from Apples. Take it for two weeks and your serum blood cholestrol will drop like a stone. But don't screw with it if your doctor doesn't tell you your cholestrol warrants lowering. Doctors hate it when people even know stuff like this. You are supposed to be humble and ignorant and obey the witch doctor in all things.

Well, all I can say is KEEP YOUR FUCKING FOOD PYRAMID AWAY FROM ME, YOU GOVERNMENTAL FASCIST BASTARDS. I have been self medicated for 4 years with my heart problem and I am doing just fine. I have gotten fat this Winter but garden time is almost upon us and I intend to be in there doing it! Remember what Mickey Creekmore said earlier this week. Fuck the job but not the work. Wonderful!

The Handmaiden just got back from a field excursion with three big bags of free food from God. Weeds just growing out anywhere! Healthy nutricious food for the taking. Screw these market boys! God will provide his people with food. Who the fuck needs a government or a global economy? "Not I," said the Michael.

Stay alive!



admin said...

I've read somewhere that most of the cholesterol in our system, especially the excess, is actually created by the body as a stress response. Cholesterol is a fuel for the flight or fight response. In modern day living, stress situations don't usually require a physical response, but the body keeps producing the fuel for it. So, the most important action to reduce your cholesterol level is to reduce stress, and to do some physical activity when you can't avoid the stress.

I personally try to avoid all pharmaceuticals, always try to use natural means to stay healthy or treat ailments. Never take any pain killers. Pain is a warning sign, tells you not to do what makes the pain worse, so the body can heal itself. There are few situations, where I think pain killers are justified. For one thing, I don't want to put money into the pockets of those evil giants.

Glad to see others take that approach.

vlad said...
this is a long, wonderfully interesting read in three parts.

If meat, fat and fish was not a good diet there would have been noone alive north of the Arctic Circle for Dr Stefansson to find.

vlad said...
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vlad said...
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vlad said...
My life with the ESkimo Stefansson

Eskimo houses were constructed with a hole in the roof to allow in light. The hole which was most often left open was covered with Bear intestine. The base of the house was five to six foot thick made of earth and sod and tapered and thinned out towards the top which was about six foot square. The top had about six inches of earth on it. The center of the house was about nine feet high and the walls at the edge were about five feet high. The opening on the roof was about three foot square. 3 or 4 lamps burned continuously and one of the most important duties of the wife was to make sure they didn’t smoke or go out. The entrance to the house was a twenty to forty foot shed-covered tunnel about four feet lower than the floor of the house.

The cold air in the tunnel would not rise into the house which was kept warm by the four lamps at a temperature of sixty to seventy degrees fahrenheit even when the outside temperature was fifty below zero!