Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Hi Mike,
When I hear a good idea I must research it to see if it holds water. Here is an interesting article. However it does not contain information on the tin chests that the Officers carried their own provisions in. The ships rats would gnaw right though the wood to get to the salt pork or any thing else. I remember reading that in sailing ships that the rats even gnawed though the wooden crates to get at the cocoa (cocaine) leaves. Plastic buckets will present no challenge to mice, rats and mice have to gnaw continously to keep their teeth down, ask a pest control person. YOUR IDEA FOR TIN CANS WAS INSPIRED.

I thought there was a probelms with rats and mice being able to gnaw through plastic. Good. We have some controversy! And controversy makes us smarter.

Stay alive.


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vlad said...

I surmise that critters chew through wood etc only because they smell food.
Can critters smell food packed in nitrogen inside mylar bags inside plastic buckets?
Has anyone reported critter damage to nitropacked foods?