Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I have been reading blogs from folks who want to stay in the burbs or the cities if the SHTF. I say you are out of your minds. You will never withstand the onslaught of a society gone berserk.

I went to a prety tough High School when I was a teenager. One day the girls of one skin color said that girls of another skin color would have to pay a tax to get into school. And they meant it. And it got pretty exciting. Some girls came in who had already graduated and got in on the deal. Rough times. Looked like war to me! Didn't really get anybody tore up but it was pretty hot for a few days.

And that was just a little thing that got settled and the wind blew it away. Bored kids with an itch to do something.

But put that in the burbs and watch it catch fire. Watch the have-nots take apart the haves. Watch the looting and the burning of homes. Watch people getting killed. And your guns ain't gonna meet anything but more guns from the opposition. And there you will sit. Joe and Josephine Blow with their 2 little kids, waiting for the inevitable. Joe might be nervy and gutty, but they will get him. They can move around and throw Molotov cocktails from any direction. You gotta sit in your house or apartment or inside your McMansion, and wait. You don't have the initiative, the invaders do. When the food riots hit you dutifully sat inside and obeyed the curfew and did all the right things. But invaders don't obey law and could give a shit less about social order. To them it is for the weak, the soft, the well fed.

I am an old fat man that is out of shape and I can get to you while you are in that house trying to protect your family. The burbs aint nothin'. To make it in the burbs you would have to QUICKLY, and I mean VERY QUICKLY, organize a defense force of all the men and older boys from many blocks around. And what will you have then? Most won't have a gun and many wouldn't know how to shoot one if they had it. BAH! The thought is disgusting. It's time for the big dance to begin and there is no band! And most of the people can't dance! Maybe it's really time to have communion with the Purple Kool-Aid.

I have said it before and I may as well say it again, if you ain't killed someone with a gun before you might have a little trouble handling a mob. Especially a mob that is trying to kill YOU. Colonel Jeff Cooper had it right when he said you had to develop a combat mindset. When it is time to do THE THING, you don't think about it and moralize and all that stuff. You go do it. And if people are coming from several directions trying to burn your house down, you better be awfully damn good in order to stop them. Just take my advice and get the hell out of town before the shit hits the fan. YOU DO NOT HAVE A REASONABLE CHANCE OF LIVING AN EXTENDED TIME IN A CITY DURING SOCIAL UPHEAVAL. Go away from it!

You want out in the hills and hollars and streams and springs. You want some trees to be between you and the invaders. You want a chance to build a house where it can't be seen from the road. You want access to free water than just comes out of the ground and not some tainted supply that has all sorts of Pharmacopia mingled with it. You want a little ground to raise some food for yourself and whoever you decide to have with you. You want away from the sources of trouble and evil, you want to live on free land and breath free air and drink free water. That's because if it's free or low priced you can reckon it came from God. God is not interested in your tax money and your tithes and all that other stuff.

So get out of town! Leave the shitter before it gets flushed down the drain. It might be a hassle but think of the hassle if you DON'T leave. That could be a permanent hassle that gets you that famous hole in the ground. Not good.

And for God's sake, buy a shotgun!



gott_cha said...

I can't understand the mindset of people who will not leave. Im sure there are a few who simply can't go,.for whatever reason,...but the rest,...just plain dumb.

There is nothing in the city worth dying for...nothing! That big money pit house sure isnt,...its suicide.

This is a good post Michael! I hope it wakes up some dream world idiots.
The cities are already a cesspool of filth and crime just waiting to go super-nova when calamity strikes. Just think New Orleans,..or back up and remember the windy city and Boston during the racial riots of the 60's,..or even the Rodney King riots out in LA.
The honest person will not survive in a metro area,..he/she will have to become as vile as the street gang militias that will rove the streets just to survive for a short time. A loner family will be a quick and sudden victim!

Why stay? the electricity will be gone,..water and sewer will cease to function,...the store shelves will already have been stripped bare,...where will they get food when their supply of beenie weenie's and mre's run out?
Where will they get water?
If they survive even a month they will have been targeted by FEMA and will have been stripped of fire-arms, food and whatever else they have and will probably be sent to re-location camps,..if not, then shot on site as food horders.

And we havent even talked yet about a bio/dirty bomb or a nuke set off there.

Hell I might not survive out in the countryside either,..but I will have a fighting chance at feeding my family and defending our homestead.......not so in the city!

Anonymous said...

I do not necessarily think that rural areas will necessarily be any better off.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, people in the countryside had it the worst, and first. Jobs dissappeared, services were discontinued, trucks quit coming, infrastructure collapsed, government fell apart, and people left in droves, moved to the cities for better opportunities.
FerFAL's posts on the situation in Argentina (1999-2003) remain forefront in my mind, because that is exactly what you will see here first and foremost as the slow decent into chaos continues.
The same occurred in other nations facing a severe downturn/early collapse in recent years (Soviet Union, Liberia, South Africa, North Ireland, etc), isolated farms and settlements were the worst off, lawlessness came to these areas hardest and soonest, and as with the failing years of the Roman empire (see Tainter, Diamond, Catton), citizenry actually moved into the burbs and cities, not out of them, for security and resources. The rural areas and small towns were hardest hit, even in areas with no violence.

During Argentina’s economic crisis (1999-2003), the rural hinterlands were the most dangerous places to live.

The same applies in Sierra Leone to this day. You also see this situation playing out in South Africa presently, isolated farms and homesteads are being targeted.

Even in first world countries (UK) in non-crisis situations , you see the same:
Rural crime breeds ’siege mentality’

Isolated farm = soft target