Saturday, April 19, 2008


Would You Surf an Accounting Blog for Advice on Your Lasik Eye Surgery?
Posted on April 19, 2008 by Suburban Prepper

No? Then why do so many people surf survival sites for financial advice?

[Because we are a rare breed and thinking people are starting to wake up to the fact that a lot of what we talk about is relelvant today. A lot of people are finding out that food riots are for real, that degrading of the currency is going on, that oil really is going through the roof, that our bankers and politicians really have lied to us. Thus people are interested in where we are putting OUR MONEY. Any damn fool can get money advice from some parrot for the system, talking all that old garbage about return on investment and growth and other horseshit. It is a rare occurence when any system guy tells the truth and says to get the hell out of the market. But the survivalists are doing it! They are living the life and talking about it. They are saying there is hope but it does not lie in the normal paths we have been led to follow.]

It drives me crazy when survivalists and survial blogs try to give financial advice!! Tell me how to EMP proof my Dodge Dart or make tasty biscuits out of wheat and lighter fluid, but don’t lecture me on what to do with my money!!

[Then do it any way you wish! Don't read any of us. We are used to having our names cast for scorn. We will not be hurt. And we really don't tell people what to do with their money as much as we tell people what we are doing with OUR money.]

Why are survival bloggers handing out financial advice?

[Because people want to talk about the money. Because people are wanting to know how we spend OUR money. When there is no more money to talk about, we will all be into different areas of endeavor. Like food production and security. That's the fun part.]

Because right now it is the most probable source of a full-on SHTF scenario! They need to perpetuate the paranoia and this is a fantastic way. They could just be posting links to financial articles showing the doom and gloom, so why are they risking the exposure by making recommendations? I don’t know the answer.

[The answer lies in knowing that the money thing is a SYMPTOM of a larger disease. The main problem is seen as being one of survival. If you hold that error is it's own reward, then you must look another direction for the way to go. Money is the big point of discusson because it has been engrained in us to be money makers for generations. You can't be held responsible for the period of history in which you were born. You get dealt a hand and how you play the cards is your particular school of life. God grades all the papers.]

I can tell you that people handing out advice on how to invest your money have been sued for the advice they gave when the investor lost it all. The SP would never risk one of you survial nuts suing me for handing out investment adivce. If you want advice on finance, investment or the economy then you should seek the advice of a financial expert.

[Expert at what? Conning people out of their money? And who says they are expert? I think you will find that the experts say they are the experts. What defines an expert is the amount of contention they face during their work day. If everyone is quiet and still while a man speaks and there is no arguement with what he says, then most would consider him to be an expert. These financial experts have gained great knowledge of how to stage their little demonstrations, designed to fleece you out of your money. It's all a game and it is becoming known as such. Fleece the sheep and trim the believers. That's the game. One of my close friends gets paid every day in cash and SPENDS it. He figures there is a good chance his money won't be worth as much the following day. And he makes it just fine. Owns some prime retreat land. You couldn't find him with a satellite. And that is just one successful man's story. There are others.]

If survivalists keep saying the markets will drop … eventually on some days they will be right. I found it hilarious that when the markets would drop they would blog “I told you so” and then on up days … crickets. They wouldn’t say anything.

[That is because we all know about the committee that buys stocks and keeps the market up at the behest of the President. We all know abot the "windows" where banks and others can borrow money by the billions to keep their liquidity up. We all know that the government printed up two trillion dollars in January and February of 2006 nd then immediately quit reporting on the amount of cash in the system. Where you been, Boy? This is commmon knowledge out on the street.]

Most financial guru’s who spend their whole lives following the markets don’t get it right, why do survival bloggers think they know what they are talking about? It is baffling to me!

[Dear Baffled, just assume that error is it's own reward. After that you can notice the horrendous amount of chicanery in our currency, our banking, and our foreign policy. Don't let it throw you, just accept it for what it is.]

If you put your investments in super safe, SHTF type investments (i.e. gold, hi-cap magazines? or on other tangibles) then that is your choice, but do your due diligence and make an informed decision.

[Thank you for calling my investments SUPER SAFE. With the due diligence I have applied, I have come to my conclusions of survivalism. And others have also. Maybe you are in the wrong game. You might look around for another hobby. Somewhere there aren't so many thick headed contrarians.]

Stay alive!




Dragon said...

What baffles me is , why this person is reading prepper blogs to begin with? And as for letting them "Git" to him, Why be bothered when he can cleanup in the market with his advanced knowledge.
Where will he be in Aug when this latest bubble bursts.
Change is inevitable, Change is happening right now. Pardon me, if I feel the need to do what is needed to secure my immediate future. You see I don't like missing meals. I also see land as a sound investment for the future. Same goes for a garden, a wise investment there with a good return . Unless you have a black thumb, instead of a green one.
To me there is too much, Yuppie see, Yuppie do in the world. Said individual should learn to think outside the box.

gott_cha said...

I read one finance blog and its at

This guy is a market trader and such and follows the trends quiet closely,...but his articles are all geared at un-covering the truth about whats going on,...he may be in the money,....but he is also a land owner and is prepping, I admit he has high dollar toys,...but the basic theme he adheres to is sound.
I follow along to get a sense of whats going on in the world,..if ya know what I mean.

But yeah back to the subject......why go to a barber for farming advice!!....Always look for the most straight path from a to b,..the intell will always be more accurate.