Friday, April 4, 2008


I have been reading blogs and emails this morning and I can say I am enthused with most peoples thinking. Survival Realty has an opportunity for a group of investors to pool their money and have a common retreat to have and to hold. There will be all sorts of legal things to bring to the table with the creation of this group entity. And that is fine and normal. Just remember that when TEOTWAWKI comes, all bets are off as far as legalities are concerned. There won't be any courts to sue in anyhow, so who would care? And that same set of conditions goes for the individualist living out there trying to hold his own against the tide of the future. And never forget the words of one of our predecessors who said, "The law worketh wrath."

You do what you have to do to win the competition to live. You let in what will help you survive. You keep out what will hinder you or harm you or kill you. You show mercy to widows and orphans. You make Widom your leader and Truth your guide. All folks of the camp will be welcome to the communal table. "No man counts anything he owns his own." All things go towards the survival of the group.

I thank Mr. Rawles for inspirng me with his post on Survival Realty.

I want to thank Ranger Man for his good words on taking care of those not capable of doing it themselves. None of us had a say in the matter of when we were born. We came on the scene when it was our time. Who of us wouldn't like to be 20 years old and have the experience we have now? It might be wonderful to the max! But those who came early have some rights in this thing too and we would be wise to recognize those rights. Don't ever forget who is the oldest of us all. I have always felt that we would be in bad field position to discredit the aged. I call Ranger Man "The Maine that Roared." If he was around and got into some trouble I would get his back, that is if he could stand for someone to help him who was firing a 12 gauge pump with 00 Buck instead of a AR. HAH! He is definitely a mouthy dog and I tip my hat to him. Even the Devil hates a coward.

Mickey Creekmore and Jim Dakin have been right on this week. There is some grousing about too much writing and running out of inspiration but that will only be temperary with these two.

That English fella, the Suburban Bush Whacker, is not a mouthy kind of guy but he gets around. I find his comments all over the blogosphere. And he ain't stupid.

Jow over at Viking Preparedness is one of the best writers around. But he is like the Dragon. He is working to build his preps and trying to feed his family and I say Godspeed. Dragon did take the time to tell us he had been busy of late and I appreciate that. Again. we cannot change the time when we were born and if it is the time when you have to provide for your family then you must do it. Sure do like the writings, though.

Just running through my daily survival fix and handing out my honorable mentions. I enjoy the people I have named and appreciate them very much. The Handmaiden and I are working on getting completely out of debt. It will be tough to pay off that Ford F-150 but we might swing it with the help of God. But after that it looks like pretty smooth sailing. Debt free.

Now, if this damn computer will just not fail...

Stay alive!


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