Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I have been emailing with various folks around the globe about survivalism. That is the neat thing about the Internet. I can talk with Judy of the Woods as if she were right here. A lovely person. I will be putting up a post from a medical site she sent me this week. It's kinda long but it hits like a 12 gauge. One of the best articles I have read in a long time. In fact I'll just post the URL and you can go look at it yourself. I don't know if this is clicklable but if it ain't you can just copy and paste it to your browser.

I have already mentioned the Cox Clan getting together down in Kentucky this coming month, which starts tomorrow. Mr. Cox recently had a stroke but has not lost his desire to prepare one bit. He is coming along quite well if his emails are any indication.

Wolverine, up in the cold country, is doing well. He gets infected with the same plague that gets the rest of us from time to time. It is simply a reaction to doing all this preparation with no real crisis as yet to appear, and being mostly alone in the venture except for his family. And he is smart and so is his wife and kids but he just gets to wondering if it is all worth it, I think. But his intellect keeps overruling his emotions and that keeps him on the straight and narrow. It sure does help to have an IQ above your belt size when the doubt starts to creep in. That is what sets me off about those who want to stay in the city when TSHF. They can create doubt in other people who are preparing and investing in a much better idea. But don't come out to Wolverine's place looking for trouble. He has been clearing his fields of fire this week. I love it!

The Elder Dragon has been amiss this week. The sonovagun don't publish enough. And he is another smart cookie we have on our side. I tell ya', we need to strengthen each other as much as possible. Use email. Write comments. Hell, write blogs! It is all good glue to hold us together. Dragon is a leader, though he would deny it. He is crafty and smart. He will probably have a people one of these days and I would say they will eat well and have good security. They will also engage in commerce. Dragon is a tradin' man.

The new guy who is stirring the waters is This guy has a dream about building a Barterville. He doesn't seem to be getting off of it. And they could damn well be the wave of the future. When we aren't getting any more stuff from China Inc., a Barterville will be a nice thing. I am sure he has lots to work out but I know he is on the trail. I have a place picked out for my own little trading post. Can't say what will come of it but I like the concept. And it ain't like you can't have one every 10 miles, because you can. There won't be any big box stores to compete with. There won't be any big box stores to run off all the local guys. Things can get back to normal. We can all get involved again. And this young man is gonna lead the way. I believe it. I think he is an active man and will do what it takes to make a sustainable business.

I met a new hillbilly called Daddy Newton this week. Seems to be the salt of the earth. Typical hillbilly. Unassuming. Not given to boasting. Says what he wants to say with a minimum of words. I think he and I will get along just fine. You treat these people right and they will do anything for you. You piss 'em off and you may as well be sitting in the midst of stones. Hello to you, Daddy Newton!

Jim Dakin over on Bison Survival is still cranking out good posts. He keeps me on the rising side of the sign wave. Jim Rawles is cranking pretty well these days. He keeps my up to date and survival minded. Nice to have someone who does that.

I met a new blogger this week but he is so obnoxious I will not mention his name. He thinks his fecal material has no odor. He is very much overloaded and doesn't seem to understand the concept of getting help. A manager always understands the idea of having enough help.

I will close this for now and re-read my email, looking for good ideas. Every little bit helps!

Stay alive!



Mayberry said...

Excellent post, and oh so true. These folks have a lot of wisdom, and have provided a wealth of excellent imformation. I'm new to this myself, having only recently awakened from my consumer coma and come to the realization that collapse of our society as we know it is emminent. I started my own blog, but it's pretty much in it's infancy. I've linked to your blog from mine as well. Keep up the good work, and we can all share in each other's knowledge. Thank You.

Ricardo's Law said...

Thanks once more for the hat-tip. Yes, Bartertown is my own little dream, true enough, but I think it's a good thing all around, and one that folks could set up wherever they might be. It's easily duplicated, works on or off-grid, and should be just the thing most people and places would need to get things going or keep them going no matter what happens.

Oh, and thanks for your input on the project.