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Vlad sez:

In Aug 89 I was in Ely NV (7000 elev).killed a rattler with a long handled shovel,gave the skin to a pal, and tossed the snake in the ditch. A couple of days later my snake was still there and as light as a potato chip. I did not eat that snake, but I thought about it. Mighty nice of the Good Lord to provide for us. I could pin the snake with my Y stick. You could chop his head off. We got lunch!

Ergo, in summer in dry country, you and I could shoot a calf at daylight, hang the thin strips of meat on the fence and that evening, or certainly the next evening, carry the dried meat away in a duffel bag.

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Posted: Sat May 14, 2005 7:11 am Post subject: mesquite beans and rattlesnakes

USDA Nutrient lab gives much useful info, so long as you ask the right questions. Want to know about pinto beans? Lots of info. Want to know about nutrient content of mesquite beans or rattlesnake? Sorry. Wrong number. Google has info on mesquite beans.

Even google has nothing on rattlesnake meat nutrients. I found it here

Q34: Our resort serves game meats. Do you have nutrition information for rattlesnake?

A: Rattlesnake is not in the USDA nutrient database, but the Cooperative Extension Service at the University of Georgia has forwarded us the following data "supposedly from the Pacific Island Food Composition table... for 3.5 oz. raw rattlesnake: 92 calories, 18 g protein, 2 g fat, 1 g carbohydrate, 0 fiber, 0 calcium." As a percentage of total calories, this meat is about 72% protein and 20% fat. .................................................. ................................................ In August I killed at rattler near Ely NV (elev 6800 or so). Gave the skin to a pal. Two days later the snake was still there, dehydrated by sun and wind and as light as a potato chip. The diehard survivor will learn that food is where he finds it. I have never eaten rattlesnake jerky. After you miss fourteen meals it'll taste wonderful. BTW, in West Texas the rattlesnake roundup is an annual event. I have eaten rattlesnake rolled in batter and deep fried. Tastes like fish. My wfie and kids liked it too.

Michael sez: This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are all kinds of critters out there that you can eat. The wife watched a video yesterday of a man catching, skinning , roasting, and eating a rat. Right here is this country and over an open fire. Watch out about drying meat on a fence. You can lose you stash to a predator pretty easy doing that.


vlad said...

When possible use a pot or can and make soup. If you roast meat over an open fire much of the fats will be lost.
Protein and fats are essential for human nutrition.

Staying Alive said...

Michael sez:

I don't understand all that fat is concerning an animal carcass. But I know that a hog will survive a big snake bite because it doesn't have any blood vessels in it's fat. Some crittters, supposedly chickens, release their body toxins into their fat.

We need a post on animal carcass fats.