Sunday, April 6, 2008


It may be time to go over our plans for what we will do if the SHTF or TEOTWAWKI comes. These are the reasons we prepare, of course.

It's noon. Where are you? How far from your retreat are you? Has an EMP struck and negated your transportation? Are you a short distance from your retreat or maybe even already there? What does it look like for your getting there in case you aren't? Lots of things to figure out.

I don't go much of anyplace. Not with a truck that getts 17 mpg and fuel being what it is. It's damn nice truck and I can use it where I live but it is no longer a cruise around machine.

The Handmaiden might be out shopping or doing any number of things. Her little Ford, which I cannot really get into gets 31 mpg. What happens if she gets hit with and EMP and I can't get to her? My truck has a computer and it will go out bigger than shit. And she could be anywhere and not be able to call. Super bummer. I guess I will get someone to go with me and take my shotgun and go looking for her. What else is there to do?

We have a basic plan for where she will be walking if there is trouble. She wants to walk and not stay and wait for me to pick her up and I cannot say she is right or wrong. Who knows what will happen to me? But I know that I will be looking for her and when I get there I will deal with anyone who would be trying to hurt her, in a manner she has never seen before. Me and Mr. 870 will be primed and ready to go. And I will have a friend and he will be ready also. Tough shit to those who would oppose us.

There are not many subdivisions along her route home from Bloomington. Mostly country. That is the way I will drive in to look for her. If she is in Bedford than it will be a lot easier for me to search for her. She does not have to take the 4 lane to get home. She merely has to cross it to get to the secondary or thirdary highway to our place. It's only 13 miles from Bedford to our road. We can cover that on foot if we have to.

I am putting a Mini-30 with about 3 magazines of ammo in her car tomorrow morning. Iff 90 rounds won't save her I don't know what will. She is a fair shot and won't be wasting ammo. She will have water and maybe an energy bar in her car. She always does. If she is in Bedford I would say she will make it even if I can't come to get her. But if I can get there I will be there.

But what will you do? I have mostly a rural environment to deal with. No freeway system or anything like that to mess up the issue. There are decent farm folk along the way and my wife could get help. But can you count on help on a freeway or a toll road?

I listen to people talk about driving on the toll roads and the freeways and it sounds like hell. The attitude of most people seems to be that they will do to you what they can and you are to acccept it. Real animals. The real victims are the paperists, those folks who believe that law is binding forever. Man. Do they have a lot to learn. I am not so foolish as to believe in the power of law when things are breaking down in society. The Handmaiden and I never go anywhere without our Louisville Sluggers in the front seat or the front floorboard, with us. A ball bat is stil a highly thought of defenseive weapon and can put an aggressors mind in a quandry. It an put his body in a hospital too.

But folks that live 50 or 60 miles for their workplace are in another category altogether. The first thing out on the table is the distance. 50 or 60 miles on foot is no easy little afternoon walk. And you will need water and food. And it wouldn't hurt to be armed. Here in fly-over country a guy like me can just throw his shotgun over his shoulder and take off walking. Ain't no body gonna bother you. But in the midst of a half million commuters? Not my cup of tea, thank you. Out of half a million commuters there will be AT LEAST a thousand psychos on your way home. I would say 5000 would be more like it but let's be generous toward our fellow man. If you are a strong husky young male you might not be bothered. Even psychos recognize the laws of diminishing returns.

But can you make the journey? Can you stop an attacker in his tracks quickly? Can you get away if you have to? The first rule of self defensee is to run. Get away from the trouble. Seek out a different environment, quickly. And running is like shooting a gun, you must practice it to be proficient. I don't run so I carry a gun. Rhymes!

But what will you carry? How about an old kinda scuffed up briefcase. Nothin' fancy. Just something a typical Joe Commuter would have. You don't want to stand out in the crowd, remember. You want to blend in with the rest of the wage slaves and hope that no one bothers you. You could have a weapon in it and maybe some food and water. If you are just going to be out a couple days you might not need food badly. But if you are a diabetic you better have your shit together or you are in a world of trouble. Carry insulin. And syringes. And your sugar tester. Have some emergency sugar along in case you get too low a reading.

If you are going to be walking for a couple of days, or maybe three or four, when you decide to rest you better pick your spot early, while there is light to see by. No sense putting yourself at risk by not choosing a good spot. If you are a lone female, you had better stay close to some reasonable adult males. You need protection from the bad guys. Hell, we all need protection from the bad guys.

So you start your walk to home and hearth. You will even daydream about it while you are walking along the road. Getting to your own bed and eating your own food and maybe some quality time with a mate. Getting up and putting on clean clothes will be a move you will be looking forward to. But gettin there has to be done first. If you have done all you can do then just walk it out. Fight the battles you must fight and keep putting one foot in front of another. There comes a time when our lives are in the hands of the Gods and we just do the best we can.

We can only play the cards we have been dealt. But play them to win. Play them to survive. It would not be a bad thing to know someone on your way home that would shelter you for a while. These are the little tips that can save your life. If Bloomington comes under an attack during the day, there is a 4 in 7 chance our neighbor will be at the hospital working and that might be a safe ride home with some law enforcement people who will be protecting their medical technicians. Or maybe just a friend at the half way point of your journey home. Any little edge can give you an advantage to stay alive.


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