Thursday, April 10, 2008


I see an article by a Greg Evenson, or something close to that. The
boy talks purty.... but he fails to mention things like getting your
antibiotic, if you want it, at the feed and seed. And he wants folks
to have a rifled-barrel slug gun, then feed it bird and buck shot.
Stupid. The target will be the only safe spot downrange. The shot
comes out in an expanding doughnut from the centrifugal forces.
The AR, AK, and SKS platforms are far better as battle rifles, and
generally more affordable and durable than the Mini ranch rifles. And
if you get a 45 with a 10 round mag, you're going to have a lot of it
hanging out the grip. And most folks who are not shooters do better
with 9s.
It may be quibbling, but it makes me doubt the author.

Michael sez: I believe Mr. Kemp is right about the rifled shotgun barrel. It will send out shot in an ever expanding doughnut. The center is where the shot is missing. I missed the point on the antibiotics but it is a damn good call on the part of Mike Kemp.


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