Wednesday, April 9, 2008


It's Wednesday morning and I am typing away at very little. There just has not been much going on today, so far. The Daily Reckoning is asking what is going on. Not a bad topic this morning. The banking crisis seems to be just sitting here with not much of anything to do. The commodity prices are up but are forecast to be going down. I hear beef is pretty cheap right now. A lot of cattlemen are selling so they can go into this $6 a bushel corm market. So cattle could be cheap for a while. We could use some cheap beef. But then the price of beef will go right back up because of a shortage caused by the guys who are selling out and growing corn. The guy who runs the Daily Reckoning is flying down to South America to his high desert cattle ranch. He ain't getting out of cattle. He is waiting for the drop in price and then the bounce back up.

There are people who go exactly counter to the market trend. During the 80's and 90's the price of gold was hardly worth mentioning. But a few stout souls kept saying BUY GOLD. And if you had listened to them you would have made some real money. This morning it was $917 an ounce and climbing.

I have heard some men wondering if the federal reserve has fixed the problem, if the crisis is over. How can anyone fall for that line of crap? The same companies that got us into this financial mess are still in the game, kicking ass and taking names. I didn't believe in them years ago and I don't believe in them now. They are rip-offs and con artists. They have this country by the short hairs and they know it. The monetary system in this country is as corrupt as any on the planet.

But if things calm down for a while then maybe some of our late entering brothers and sisters can get prepared a little better. The warning signs are getting more severe with every passing event. We had the Internet bubble in the late 90's. We had a stock bubble in the early 'oughts'. Now we have a sub-prime-triggered currency crunch. And maybe this is not the big one as yet. Or maybe the federal reserve can inflate this damn thing and make it stable for a couple years. But our dollar has gone from 82 cents to 72 cents in value. The only thing holding it up at all is the fact that so much money is overseas and the holders of said money will not let it crash until they have gotten out of it. Most other currencies in the world are fiat currencies like the US has. Their money is upheld by the full faith and credit of their respective nations. And most of them have central banks and that means the game is rigged. You want to go to a casino that has it's gambling rigged? Not I, said the Michael.

So we sit and wait. The game will play out sooner or later. More than likely it will be sooner.

I bought my first 20 pound bag of rice yesterday. It felt good to hoist that baby up and carry it out of the store. It's sitting a couple of feet from me as I type this post. So is my Wingermaster pump shotgun. How prepared can you get? HAH!

I extend an invitation to all concerned people who wish to survive the inevitable crash of this nation to join me in preparedness. A lot of people will balk at this and call it silly. They will call it conspiracy thinking. We preppers will have our names cast for scorn. But just remember: The crucifixion was public but the resurrection was private.

Stay alive.


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