Tuesday, April 22, 2008


We have a very good menu for mental digesting today on the blog. Lot of contributions. We can also get into some conflict. And this is the time to air it all out. When the shit hits the fan it will be too late for correction and analysis. Back about 3500 years ago, when David as King of Israel, they brought the Ark of the Convenant to Zion, which was sorta like a suburb of Jerusalem. There was no Temple to place the Ark within so they used an olld grain mill to house it. The Ark was kept on the threshing room floor. And that is a historical concept that continues unto this day, except in closed, ritualistic churches.

The truth can be seen many ways. And there are many truths. We have an old song we sing that goes, "A truth is not the whole truth. You can believe what you want to believe. But I'm going down through the thousand years, THE truth has set me free."

But as we progress in our idea of survival we will butt heads on occasion. And this is good. The Ark was in a grain mill, if you remember, and grain has to be ground into meal before the human anatomy can digest it. And it takes two to do the grinding. The Bible calls them the Upper and the Nether stones. Some things are just too hard to understand by us poor humans and we need to get into it and grind it down to where we can digest it. So don't be bothered by confrontation. It can be good for the main body of us. And right now the bombs are not going off and we can still get food and it is a lot more plesant than what it could be if the trouble had started. We still have peace on our shores. Aint saying for how long, but it's here right now. Enjoy it.

I have Bruce Burdick, my personal Master Gardener, on the blog today. I have hung with this guy for damn near 20 years and he is the best organic gardener I know. He can grow almost anything imaginable that will grow in Indiana. But his best shot is growing soil. He can turn a garden patch into a wondrous sight to behold. Soil you can turn with your hand. I've walked out into one of his gardens in the middle of Summer and taken a 3/8" dowel rod and run it 24" into the ground, with little or no effort. I'm telling you, this man knows soil and how to work with it. Any of you having trouble with clay soil will be plesed to note his article of today. Follow his instructions and you will have a productive garden.

gott_cha has a rant out today and I had to put it up for viewing. I almost got to my feet and saluted. We need a little survival rallying every now and then. You will like this one.

I still don't know what is on the agenda for us all. But I know it is coming. And by that I mean a new lifestyle is on the way. I remember riding to Bedford with Mike Kemp a few years ago and listening in amazement to a commercial on the radio that was talking up getting a second mortgage so that one of these two women in the commercial could go shopping with her friend. I mentioned to Kemp that our ancestors would have used that incident as grounds for divorce or maybe a defense at a murder trial. I think that stupid stuff is about over. At least it is over for the people with any sense.

But change is in the air. Something is coming. Lives will forever be changed by the coming events. And I don't know what the events are. Go figure!

Stay alive.



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