Wednesday, April 16, 2008


[Michael sez: If anyone thinks that having a survival food supply around is a game, they can read this, and think again. These people went up against it and came out winners. Two essential people were able to stay on the job because they had food supplies stored and ready to go.]

Store what you eat, eat what you store, use it or loose it! Don't get caught with your Pantry down. And for God sakes, buy several manual can openers!

It is a proven fact that in a small corner of Louisiana a former Paramedic and an ER Nurse wife can survive on canned Pastas, Tuna Fish, Sardines, those Captain Crackers, canned Peaches, Chunky Surloin Burger and other stuff for A MONTH, while working non stop 12 to 16 hour shifts in September 2005.

We kept on hand plenty of stuff we liked to eat that had a long shelf life. As we used stuff from the shelves we pulled replacements from our storage bins. Then the grocery store list was made and we were off.

If anybody thinks the effort isn't worth it because help will arrive from around the country in 72 hours, tell them I laugh extremily loudly in their direction! They will enjoy going hungry and sleeping on the dirt with the bugs for a couple of weeks.

Our small efforts year after year paid off HUGE when little old Hurricane Katrina decided to close every business within 100 miles. And those conditions prevailed through the month of September.

Keep preaching!
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[Michael sez: Here is why I DO NOT WANT your inventory put up on my blog. Do not do it. Confiscation might happen. Then the taking of your suppies will not be the work of Freebooters and commom thieves.]

I would suggest that overmuch trafficking in lists of supplies might
not be a good thing... privately maintained lists, of course, are a
good thing... but public disclosure of those supplies might not be....

One of these days, if not already, the tangibles those lists represent
will be contraband. The governments at all levels purely despise a
citizenry looking out for themselves.

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