Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The sole reason for these blogs is survival...thats it. We must look at every possible scenario and try to understand its implications and learn to survive. There is no "magic pill" approach.
In our time line of history we must understand that Govt. gone bad is the biggest threat to our freedom and daily lives. Just as in the days of the 13 colonies.
What good is survival without freedom?

Our Govt. is an out of control beast built upon a "thought to be" never ending supply of cheap oil.
The truth is,..oil has peaked and will decline,..same for other resources.
This beast will go to no ends to keep itself alive and functioning. Right now is using the war on terror to feed itself. Its a resource war and is playing now in the mid-east. Citizens will have a role only as cannon fodder. The Govt's concern will be about their survival,..not yours! Don't believe it? ask a Vet,unless they have been brain washed by this phony war on "terra" as Bush calls it, they will tell you how they really feel and what they really see happening.

And People,...with all due respect,..how can you make any statement about govt. knowing about your kids, whats with that? People seem to trust in the abilities of the Govt. to regain control and bring about peace during strife. The Govt. will be the cause of the trouble and strife!!!
Our enemies won't attack us because they hate our freedoms, as Bush has lied proclaiming they will. They will attack us because our GOVT. is the most hateful,deceptive and dangerous group of thugs since the Third Reich.
Can we be sure that the Govt. won't stage another Pearl Harbor incident, A Waco,..how about an Oklahoma City just to justify their existence. Hey even a Randy Weaver attack for us who prefer the countryside.
Knowing the truth about these matters, why would you want to offer up the young to the belly of the beast? To what end? When the turds come rolling I would think we would want to be as far removed from association with the Govt. as possible. This beast needs to die a sudden and violent death and when it does,..I wish to see it from a distance.
Our Govt. is rogue and it has over stepped its authority under the constitutional limits it was set up under. It has become the very beast spoken of by our founders when they said all enemies,..foreign and "DOMESTIC".
To whom are you loyal,..Govt. or the people? We must all ask ourselves that!(This is for us all)
Many Americans claim to love freedom yet wish for Govt. to provide for them from the cradle to the grave. Thats not freedom its dependency.

We all see the trees,..but do we yet see the forest?
Govt. is not going to save us,..never could never will.
Are they useful? yes! Our military will stave of the brunt of an "attack" but they wont be able to do it all.
These Brave men and women are honorable and loyal,..not stupid. They will fight AGAINST the beast for their families lives when that time comes.

When we deployed we went to protect America and our families. Not the US Govt. Same with them now.

True there is no eminent threat of invasion at the moment. But there is always a threat of a massive attack from our "strategic trade partners"..Read that as Russia or China,..or both.
But there is a much worse threat that comes form our own Govt. and its "black ops" agencies
That threat comes as false flag incidents designed to cause panic and paranoia to further their NWO that daddy Bush so blatantly spoke of prior to The first Gulf War.

Do we stay put being good "citizens" abiding by each and every new draconian law they enact,licking their boots in hope of their benevolence? Or do we use our good sense and get the hell out of dodge knowing one day spent free is better than a lifetime in bonds of servitude.

I know that everybody can't just pack it up and head for the hills . Some even love the city life. People have jobs and families, homes and all and they will be there when TSHTF ,..so yes prep!!
But dont bet your life or your loved ones on staying there assuming the Govt. will come running to help....Have a plan "B" and be ready to flee!
As far as the beast goes,..do all you can to cut off its Nuts now.
Use passive resistance if you can,...dont blatantly break laws or call attention to yourself,..but by all means be a cog in the wheel. Read about :Jury Nullification" and "Rule of Law",...obtain a "Citizens Handbook"...learn our responsibilities to our Nation,..our Govt. and our fellow man.
Dont be fooled into their Bull shit.

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