Sunday, April 6, 2008


I have been reading some of the comments on Mickey Creekmore's blog post on "Breaking the Chains." Most are very laudatory of Mickey's Major Move. But some are not. I read one that bitched because Mickey had been on unemployment prior to his move, or MMM. Who the hell cares if he was on unemployment? If he was on unemployment it was because some Fascist Flake checked his story out and found him qualified for benefits. That money is not owned by the taxpayers you understand, it is the property of the Fascist Flakes who govern its dispersal. Aren't you ever going to understand that, you feeble minded Survivalists?

What is completely missing from certain comments is Mickey's freedom of movement and lessened scrutiny by the IRS, and other government agencies. He is simply falling off the economic radar and disappearing into the great miasma of the chronically unemployed. Far out! He has gained a measure of freedom that few others can match.

He isn't paying those stupid bills anymore. He is not playing the game. He has left the field to others. Mickey Creekmore is no longer in the house!

I was writing to Judy-of-the-woods and I pointed out that old cliche of "Don't feed the Beast." Of course Judy almost went into apoplexy at the thought of ANYONE feeding the beast. She's against that sort of behavior. The beast lives off of our tax money and fees that it collects. It has taxes, both open and hidden, for all sorts of income. It borrows money for future generations to pay back and it has the printiong presses to make even more money. Take a look at all of this and you will get some idea of how important it is to keep everyone in the game. It's like in the movie "The Matrix". Except for a few selected handful of people, everyone is tied into the circuit board of whatever the state says is reality. But Mickey has pulled the plug as much as he can and more people are looking that way. I know I am.

The Ranger Man has been writing about keeping a low profile. Couldn't be more prudent. Why let a bunch of Leftist slobs jump on your food supply when the SHTF? It's insane to let those morons mess up your life. You have taken your money, your time, and your brain power to make a way for yourself in the hard times you figured were coming. And the Leftist morons will want your stuff after they derided you and laughed at you. Nuke the gay baby whales, I say. It is not prudent to make your preparations open and noticeable to a people who are used to calling your money THEIRS. Not that I am saying to not be charitable. No, no, no. But I am saying to protect your preparations from those who would spit in your face. There is a time and season for all things and when the SHTF comes it might be time to give an enemy a good one right where it hurts.

All the Left and Right wingers are tools of the system. They call each other names but they bed down with each other at night. They all have their "baby in the basement" for your amusement and their justification. You don't know what the baby in the basement is? It is a raison d'etre for a political stance. It is a basic cause celebre for all kinds of power desiring groups. The Jews want power. They strive mightily for it. Every now and then they get knocked down a rung or two on the ladder of politics. Then they go down in the basement and bring up the babt to whip in front of the world. Their baby is Hitler and his Holocaust in WW II. And yes, it has been over 60 years since this transpired but the Jews keep dragging the baby out of the basement to whip it before the eyes of the world. A baby represents a pretty safe target. It is not apt to strike back at you. You can bring it out of the basement and then put it back whenever it is convenient.

The Blacks use slavery as their baby in the basement. Texans cite the need for someone to cut the grass as a justification for illegal immigration. Politicians are either crying "stay the course" or "change", depending on their election status. Huge cities with huge amounts of electoral votes are always demanding more and more from government "or else!" Or else they will drag that baby called unresponsive government out of the basement and give it a good shellacing for all to see. Whip it's ass until it's nose bleeds and then put it back into the basement.

And a lot of times these babies are brought up out of the basement to confuse us. They are brought up to cloud the issue. Who gives a shit about the hurt feelings of some Left-winger if someone manages to crawl out of the crab bucker of life and gain his freedom? And that gaining of freedom is what counts! Do we have to scrutinize every escape from an enemy prison camp? Does it have to conform to to some set of rules? Hell no! If you make it then you are free and should be held up as an example of what to do!

I think the escape is what counts. Don't worry about the small shit.


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