Saturday, April 26, 2008


I haven't done much prepping this week other than eating my wifes foraged food. That was interesting.

Two new books this week. THE FORAGER'S HARVEST by Samuel Thayer and COUNTRY WISDOM AND KNOW HOW by the editors of Storey Books. You can get them both at pretty reasonable prices from Amazon. The foraging boook had a nice article on toxic foods. Apparently a lot of foods are toxic if you eat too much of them. But a reasonable amount won't hurt you. It told of one young kid who loved Bell Peppers and ate five of them. Made him sick as a dog. The Country living book has so much in it I can't really give you a good analysis. But I like what I have read so far.

I bought 10 boxes of strike anywhere matches and intend to get busy making them waterproof. I will need some containers for holdng them. Some little pill bottles are really nice for holding the matches but I don't have enough of them. I'll figure something out. But 2500 matches is a lot!

We got a little rice and some beans this week but nothing to shout about. I took a #10 can of sprouting seeds up to the stash. That's always good for enzymes and other necessary things. Still haven't tried out the new grain grinder. I'm going to break down and buy some grain.

I read some new bloggers this week and enjoyed it very much. There are still some preppers out there who think living in the city is gonna be where it's at. I am convinced that this is not true and thus would not be able to say so.

The garden should be getting tilled here pretty quick. Looks like we are going to have one more night of "near frost" temperatures before the 10th of May. But the trees are leafing out and the Red Buds are glorious and it is looking like safe weather. I sure want to grow me a gross ampunt of beans this year. Some corn would be nice too. If the rice runs out we can serve beans and corn.

The supper tonight was country ribs, curly doc, a small helping of peas, homemade cane syrup from Georgia, some apple slices cooked with the rib meat, and a glass of ice water. Man. You just dodn't have to eat as much when it's real food. I just dressed the food out with a little pepper sauce, some syrup, a gob of good Amish butter, and a little salt. Good eating.

The political news is mostly the puking stuff we get all the time. The three cops who fired damn near 50 rounds at an unarmed man, killing him, got acquitted in Nu Yawk Sity. We read an article about the transit police in Nu Yawk now going to be patroling the subway system with dogs and automatic weapons. Sounds like a good place to pick up a machinegun to me! Some weapons freaks must be drooling! Vlad sent an article on this Northstar system that will allow the police to shut your car down if they are pursuing you. I don't have the system and I don't think I ever will.

Bush and his buddies are still looking for an excuse to bomb Iran. They ought to bomb Israel. But the Arabs are gonna get ol' Israel one of these days. You can take that to the bank.

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