Thursday, April 3, 2008


I was over on reading Mickey Creekmore and he just about floored me. Go read the first two paragraphs of his blog and you will know exactly what I mean. I think I will cross post to emphasize my feelings.


Having a job stinks like a used up crack whore's pussy at three in the morning. Come to think about it, most wage earners are like a cheap hooker, selling time and lives for a few bucks an hour. Let's face it, our days are numbered, each of us only has a limited amount of time to spend alive on this earth, how we use that time is up to us. Do you really want to sell your life to some fat cat boss man, for $6.00 an hour, I don't think so. Boss man go find yourself another chump, I am not playing the game anymore, you can take your so called job and shove it. Nobody with sense would ever want a job, and thank God we can do without one.

Think about it, jobs - not work, but jobs are bad.The first thing we need to do is downsize our life. The most important thing is to stay out of dept, no loans or payments for anything, as long as you owe someone else, you remain in the system and a slave to the lender. "Wage slave" isn't just a clever metaphor. We really have sold ourselves to others for a few bucks an hour. Don't play the game, you will never win, it is intended to be that way. The bankers, government, retailers, everyone but you, the average Joe, wage earner, will gain from your hard work and debt.


Marvelous. I felt the Spirit when I read it.

Whne you go to work in society you are suporting the whore. You enable her commerce. You pay her tribute as taxes. You help support her war machine. Your taxes go to buy her stockpile of goods and services she distributes to further enslave the poor of this nation, and the rest of the world.

She is a beastial whore. The only way she can be conquered is if she is starved. If she is not fed she will grow weak and feeble.

I am thinking about taking the poverty route in my life. I believe I can make it okay. The land is paid for and the sharecropper pays the taxes. The garden will feed me if I am dilligent. I don't know if my wife can suffer the boredom of rainy days and days when there is no job to go to or work at. She has a strong drive to get and perform a job. But I am bigger than she is and I might be able to pursuade her to calm down a bit.

I am thinking about Simon and Garfunkle. "And the sign said the words of the Prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement halls." You never know where you are going to run up on the truth. It has a will of it's own.

Stay alive.


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